Friday, February 6, 2015

Catch the Moment Week 5

Nurse Loves Farmer

Our little town had a 12th man flag raising ceremony at noon. I took the girls down to watch the local high school drum squad and cheer on our hawks.

 I taught my first Cloth Diapering class at Grow With Me Boutique, and the owner of Buttons Diapers sat in!

On sunny afternoons I let my girls free range and I love seeing them go bottoms up. Their butts are just so fluffy!

 Penny has requested a "fairy dinosaur" themed birthday party. So each week I'm hitting up the local thrift stores in hopes of finding good deals on these dinosaur models and will start putting together the decorations.. Find all my girly dinosaur pins.

Have you ever seen anything quite so adorable?

 Penny wrote out Valentine's Day cards to the loves in her life, and I made sure that a very special one got sent to Daddy's office (shh it's a surprise!). The first true love a girl has will always be her daddy. No one will ever replace him as the love of her life. 
Since July I've been on hiatus from my contacts because I've got some weird irritation going on in my eyelids that contacts seem to make worse. BOOO. I've been wearing my frames that I've had for ten years and I just needed a new look. Finally - these bad boys. I kind of feel like a mix between Alex Voss and this Tula model mama!

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  1. I love your chickens! I desperately want chickens but alas our HOA says no and I'm pretty sure one of my four dogs would eat them!

    Also, my daughter Evie had a girly-ish dinosaur themed second birthday party! yay for girls who love dinosaurs! There is a really easy DIY betty crocker dinosaur cake tutorial if you just google it!



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