Thursday, May 26, 2016

The last day of my 20's

Tomorrow, dear friends, is my 30th. And I'm not one to make a big deal out of birthdays, I'm truly not, but I find myself with a twinge of excitement for tomorrow. Why? Because my 20's are OVER!!

Not to say that my 20's weren't great. So much happened in that seemingly short span of time and it's framed me for who I am today. I met my future husband right as I turned 21. I lost my dad shortly after. I graduated college, was married, traveled the world with the love of my life, we bought and renovated houses together; we grew our family. I drew a little square on this planet that I call my place, I put up boundaries where I felt they needed to be. I busted through other boundaries that didn't need to be there anymore. We are now settled into our forever home. I found an immense sense of confidence in becoming a mother and it's poured into other parts of me. I am working on encouraging and celebrating that confidence in the women in my life.

I see my 30's being a time where I get to sink further into this person who I've developed. I'm getting to cast away so much of the insecurity, doubt and immaturity of my 20's. It's not to say that I'm perfect now, but I'm honestly perfectly happy with where I am going!

The losses, the gains, the joys and sorrows. All of them I can only attribute to God, and I lay all of these experiences at his feet and thank him for it all! Peace pours out from my heart as I recognize these blessings and lessons.

So with that, I give 20's Bianca a sweet hug and a kiss goodbye. She helped me become who I'm going to be tomorrow; but I'm not going to miss her.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Win a Lenny Lamb Babywearing Carrier!

If you are like me and love baby wearing, it's hard not to want to try all the carriers! For my first child I was introduced into the world of baby wearing through a knit jersey wrap and a basic soft structured carrier (SSC). 4 years and mounds of experience later I have branched out and tried several carriers, including Lenny Lamb! And I am IN LOVE!

In comparison the the canvas style soft structured carriers that many of us are familiar with, Lenny Lamb is known for making some of the softest and most comfortable soft structured carriers! The soft jacquard fabric makes this carrier so buttery soft and mold-able from the very beginning, along with key features aimed at making the experience even more wonderful for both the wear-er and the wear-ee. Maman Loup takes her Lenny where ever she goes, you can read her review here to get the full details on what to expect! If you are looking for another parent's perspective, you can find a few posts on The Parenting Patch experience with baby wearing. If you are interested in learning about the wrap side of Lenny Lamb, check out The Pierogie Mama's Lenny Lamb Little Love Breeze woven wrap review!

A few key points about Lenny Lamb Soft Structured Carriers:

-weight range: 14 lbs to 35 lbs for infant sized carrier
-full buckle carrier with 3 adjustment points
-ability to carry on your front or back, as well as crisscross shoulder straps based in your comfort
-ergonomic seat to encourage proper weight distribution on baby's hips (from "knee to knee")
-form fitting hood
-proudly made in Poland 
-two sizes available - infant and toddler 

Enter to win a Lenny Lamb infant sized Colors of Fantasy soft structured carrier by entering in the giveaway widget below!

Disclosure: This giveaway is hosted by The Pierogie Mama, Maman Loup's Den and The Parenting Patch. It is not affiliated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media platform. Participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please email with any questions regarding this giveaway or if you'd like to sponsor a future giveaway or blog post. Please see giveaway widget for full giveaway details and eligibility. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dear Niece...a letter from your aunt

Thank you to Huggies and Sam's Club for sponsoring today's post, dedicated for my newest niece! Did you know that you can get a $10 gift card when you buy Huggies diapers? 

Sweet Emily,

I became an aunt for the first time, almost nine years ago. Long before I had plans to become a mama myself. Little Miss P changed my world in so many ways; she was the first child I loved, and she was the "practice baby" for all of her aunties and uncles. From learning the hard way which is the best diaper for blow outs or all the awesome different uses for these, we used her as the guinea pig!

Emily is in Huggies Swaddlers size one, which is what her mama reaches for every time! Between the GentleAbsorb Liner that gives a special cushion between baby's skin and the mess to help prevent rashes, to the higher pocketed waistband to prevent diaper blow outs! They get bonus points from this natural minded auntie because they are fragrance and lotion free. In both our homes, mama and auntie stock up on great deals on Natural Care Wipes because they are soft, thick and use a simple formula without all the extra stuff. So Emily's bottom stays clean, fresh and happy! 

Recently our family has experienced a bit of a baby boom, hasn't it? You were born a week before your cousin, DJ, and you're helping tip our family's scale of the boy and girl ratio!

This week as we settle into our new home, that only 10 minutes away from you instead of almost 70 minutes, I reflect on what it will mean that I get to be closer to you and your older brother. How I will get to be a more involved role in your life. I didn't get to have any extended family around me as I was growing up, so I plan to cash in on this experience with you!

I don't have a ton of words of wisdom to share with you just yet, but I wanted to give you a few insights on what you can expect from me as an aunt.

Be yourself. Always, be yourself. It sounds cliche but in a world of constant comparisons, perhaps to your brother, other cousins, or other children - you do you, girl. You were preciously and fearfully made, God knit you together to be exactly as you were meant to be. Embrace that self, and fiercely guard it. It'll be fun to see how your puzzle piece in the family fits in and stands apart from everyone, but always remember that you are you!

Always know that I am here for a snuggle, a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen to your troubles without the true threat of grounding you ;) Your secrets will always be safe with me, and I will do my best to help you through it. I can't wait for our future covert conversations!

Your older girl cousins, Penny and Ruby, already adore you. You don't have to do much more than to smile and look cute to get their attention - and I know that they are excited to round you up and include you in their shenanagans!

Always come to me when you're looking for a good deal! ;)

While I may be the adult, and I hope that I will have things to teach you, also know that I am sure to learn a lot from you, sweet girl.

I can't wait to see what our journey is in this life together. Your parents will always be first in your heart, but I am waiting with open arms for that second hug.

your Auntie B.

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Disclosure: Today's post was sponsored by Huggies Diapers and Sam's Club
but all opinions are my own!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lenny Lamb Little Love Breeze Woven Wrap Review

Want to find out how to get $10 for buying diapers?
Check out this month's sponsor for more details!

Over the last 6 months I've been diving deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole...the rabbit hole of woven wraps. I've grown a modest stash, picking up wraps that I love for many different reasons. But one of my biggest dreams has been to try a Lenny Lamb woven wrap.

Why? In addition to the positive reviews that you'll hear from anyone who had felt or wrapped with a Lenny, well - in case you haven't seen the clues by the blog name, I'm a Polish girl. Both of my parents immigrated from Poland and the heritage is a big part of who I am. While I have very few opportunities to speak Polish any longer, I still want to pass on whatever I can to my daughters. Textiles are one of Poland's main industries, and for great reason. Every piece of Polish cloth that I have owned is intricate, delicate yet robust and will last for generations. So naturally, a Polish woven wrap has been on my wish list for a long time.

The Little Love line, a new addition to the Lenny Lamb line up, was my first Lenny to touch. There are almost a dozen different color ways of Little Love, and one of my favorites is Breeze. It's a soft gradient of blue and black weft and white warp. The Little Love line is distinguished by the heart shaped pattern of the weave.

In comparison to the other loom state wraps that I've felt, the Little Love Breeze was unbelievably soft right out of the package. It kind of changed my whole perspective of what a soft wrap is! At the moment I only own cotton wraps and was expecting to have a break in period, as my others have. Not at all! In fact - I've worn it for both a toddler and two newborns and haven't even washed it yet.  Each pass is glides smoothly without a ton of triceps work to get it tight. It supports my almost 30 lb 2 year old like a dream, and my newborn nephew like a cloud.

Because when you have a Little Love like him - how can you not wrap him up tight, smell his newborn smell and dream about what is to become?

From 5/16/2016 - 6/16/2016 

Disclosure: Thank you, Lenny Lamb, for giving me the opportunity to try this amazing wrap! 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

What will you find at the Just Between Friends of Marysville - Mount Vernon Spring Sale?

Yesterday was the first day of the Just Between Friends of Marysville - Mount Vernon sale! It was also kind of a special day because we also got the keys to our new house in Skagit County - I'm also excited to share about that with you soon!

The JBF Marysville - Mount Vernon Spring Sale is this weekend at the Skagit County Fairgrounds! I have three very good reasons to love JBF,

As I was shopping, I played a little game with myself. I looked through the sizes of clothes that we needed - picked out anything that caught my eye. I went through the gear and toys as well. At the end, I took a look at all of my stuff and estimated - how much is this for retail prices AND my guess for JBF prices. You see, I've been shopping at JBF sales for 4 years, and consigning for the last year, so I have an idea of what to expect for what to pay for an item at a JBF sale.

What are your guesses for all of these items? I'll post the answer at the bottom of the post!

But first - here's a recap of all the stuff that I left behind for you ;)

At every JBF sale you can expect to find the same categories of items - girls and boys sizes from preemie through most big kid sizes with corresponding shoe sizes. There's also usually a good selection of maternity and nursing gear. The toys are also categorized into sections like Little People, Sesame Street, baby, Super Heroes, Lego, Princess, farm and more. There is a wide array of books - from board books to teens, parenting and movies too! Consignors also bring in their gear like strollers, baby wearing carriers, diaper bags, high chairs, pack n plays, children's furniture and car seats. Each item is inspected, and if it has a recall on it (such as a Bumbo or car seat), the onsite JBF recall specialist makes sure that the item has the recall's fix done before it can be sold.

Ok - so did you guess what I had paid on all of those items above?

Estimated Retail Value: $146.96 (based on a google search on exact or similar items)
What I paid at Just Between Friends Marysville - Mount Vernon: $88.07!!

So what kind of deals are you going to find at JBF this weekend? Here's the details!!

The JBF Marysville - Mount Vernon 

April 29 - May 1, 2016 

Skagit County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon, WA

Also! Did you know that you can 
(from Enchanting Events; whom I really love!)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Just Between Friends of Marysville - Mount Vernon. All opinions are my own! I can't tell you HOW MUCH I love working with JBF and I hope you can find some amazing deals too!


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