Thursday, September 13, 2018

The JBF Everett-Monroe Fall Sale sneek peek!

The Just Between Friends of Everett-Monroe Fall sale is in full swing and I have got boat loads of deals to share with you all!

Just Between Friends is a nationwide consignment event that takes place several times per year, typically in the fall and spring. You can find Just Between Friends of Everett-Monroe twice a year at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA.  The JBF Everett-Monroe Fall sale is on through September 15th, 2018.

I guess I'm one of the few lucky ones where I have two daughters who are 2 years apart but they wear the same size! It can be troublesome sometimes though, because even though their sizes overlap, many times their style does not. So in some ways I get to save on shopping and laundry, but other times we have those fights were "I will NOT wear that, it's Ruby's!" or the other way around, "I want to wear that!" (but it's Penny's).  We fight the battles that are worth it, and agree to disagree on others. In a perfect world! ;)
In my experience, most single piece clothing items are priced under $7 (unless it is a speciality item like a snow suit or a high quality brand).  This basically brand new Columbia jacket, with it's strong vibrant purple, was only $12; brand new these are $40!
I have been on the look out for Carhartt overalls for my little guy. They are perfect for tromping around, especially on our property, protecting his knees and dressing just like his daddy! :)  I found these for $5.50 - and they retail $25! 75% off!
This set of 5 pieces was a whopping $11! 2 pairs of Kirkland brand thick leggings and 3 long sleeve shirts - so easily interchangeable! Also, are you noticing the leopard print theme here? That's Ruby, my 4 year old. 
I'm always looking ahead, so when I saw this 24 month full body swim suit for Holden plus the baby shark theme was just perfect. Anyone else have that song stuck in their head now?
Holiday clothes also cost an arm and a leg - but there was a great selection. Two holiday dresses totalling $15! Plus a more casual sweater and shirt combo for Holden was $4.

Shopping at JBF is always my favorite because it's such a huge selection of clothes, all sorted by size and it's easy to flip through the racks to shop. And of course, with my 4 and 6 year old daughters, they love to pick their own items and at the prices it's so easy to say "YES!" and encourage their own sense of style.  

I have been on the look out for Carhartt overalls for my little guy since .. well, he was a teeny tiny! I found these 2T overalls for $5.50, retailing $25, so about 75% off!

The sisters were due for new fluffy robes for the winter - this pair was $11. 

Also, shhh... don't tell the kids, but I snuck in a few stocking stuffers (small Moana figurines, My Little Pony, $1 DVDs, books and Magic Clip Dolls) AND a humongous bin of Lincoln Logs. Fingers crossed that Toddler-Zilla will allow the big sisters to enjoy their creations before knocking them down... For now, he is enjoying teething on a few of the logs while the sisters are in school. 

My average price per item was $4.45! Can't beat that!

Just Between Friends of Everett-Monroe 
Fall 2018 Sale

through Sept 15th

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Just Between Friends of Everett-Monroe. All photos and opinions are my own.

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