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  1. Bianca, do you have a recommendation for softening new bed sheets? I just bought some Pima Cotten sheets and I've washed them once already with warm water and regular old detergent. I put them on the bed the next day and hopped in for a good night's rest, when I realized, they were a bit scratchy. So far I've read that I can use 1 c. of baking soda to soften them, but cannot seem to find too many other natural remedies for softening scratchy bed sheets without using fabric softener… I will be trying the baking soda, but thought I would ask you for any other ideas. Thanks!

    1. Hi Siri! I add 1/2c of vinegar to our sheet & towel washes and use wool dryer balls. I use Country Save Laundry detergent and the addition of the vinegar has never been a problem for any of our laundry, including cloth diapers (which are worth their weight in gold to me!).

      Fine cotton (like Pima) needs more washes to help soften. One website said to wash on cold, delicate with 1/2 the amount of the recommended detergent (which is pretty much true for all laundry). Do an extra rinse to make sure all the detergent is out. Dry it on medium and when it is *almost* dry, go through the trouble and iron them. Over time the extra washing & ironing will help soften the fabric.

      Good luck :D Miss you!



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