Monday, October 12, 2015

Be Careful When Line Drying Your Diapers - guest post from Zephyr Hill Blog

The blog is on a bit of a hiatus while I work on recovering my laptop from a recent mishap between Ruby, a cup of coffee and the keyboard. Yea...that happened. So thankfully my good bloggy friend Anne came to my rescue and took over my blog for a post. Anne is a great resource for everything cloth diaper, be sure to check her blog out!

Be Careful When Line Drying Your Diapers

Line drying is a great way not only to save energy, but also to benefit from the stain-fighting power of the sun. However, there are a few things you'll want to be aware of when line drying your cloth diapers. I've made a few mistakes along the way, and would like to share a few tips.

1. The weight of a wet, heavy diaper can loosen up elastics over time. To save wear and tear on the elastic, try draping fitteds, contours and AIO diapers over the line instead.

2. The sun can fade stains, but too much can be a bad thing and colors will begin to fade. One way to get around this is to turn the diaper inside out, thus protecting the sun-sensitive fabric. This is not a concern if you're drying flats or prefolds, however.

3. Avoid mishaps by bringing in your diapers as soon as they are dry. Too many times, I've forgotten about the laundry outside and it got drenched in a rainstorm, pooped on by passing birds or soiled from dust and dirt carried by the wind. Nosy pets, especially ones who love to jump or climb, can also cause mischief.

4. Keep your diapers looking good by using clean clothespins with no rusty parts. My favorites are the rust-free, UV-stabilized Hills clothespins. I've had my set for nearly 4 years and they still work great and look great.

5. Diapers may come off the line feeling a bit stiff or crunchy. Try the "air fluff" feature on your dryer for just a few minutes. Toss in a few tennis balls or wool dryer balls to boost the softening effect.

Do you have any line drying tips for cloth diapers?
    Anne is the creator of the family-oriented Zephyr Hill Blog. A busy homeschooling mother of seven, Anne enjoys cloth diapering, cooking and trying to convince her husband to add yet another animal to the family.


  1. Uh, cloth-wise, the cat sure looks dangerous :D

  2. I totally just heard that drying them this way was not recommended!! So crazy!! Great to learn now though than after ruining a bunch of elastics!!

  3. I love this picture with the cat...



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