Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My summer + fall finds at Just Between Friends of Marysville - Mount Vernon!

Just Between Friends of Marysville-Mount Vernon
April 26-29, 2018
Skagit County Fairgrounds, Mount Vernon WA

Just Between Friends sales feature clothes, toys, furniture and any other gear that you'll need for your kids from birth to teens at truly fair prices.  I can always count on finding "the basics" of each season for my three children, but I always find something new and unexpected too! And the best part is while I'm saving money on my end, my dollars are also providing for another local family through purchasing their consigned items. Win-win! 

Today I got to shop at the exclusive pre-sale event (pssst! Did you know that consignors and volunteers get that special privilege? Sign up for the next event!) and even though I am now shopping for three kids, one of whom is a total fashionista and definitely has an opinion on style, it was not overwhelming at all. Each size is clearly marked off on the long rows of clothing racks. It's easy to peruse through everything all at once. My middle child, Ruby (age 4), is now coming of age where clothes are beginning to matter to her as well, so she can easily flip through the bottom rung of the rack and show me things that she likes. Pretty much all things unicorns and sparkles.

Skagit County is a close knit community and it was fun running into a few of my bestie mama friends, as well as see quite a few recognizable faces. That Mama Gretchen, a real life friend of mine, is also showing off her finds so be sure to pop over to her facebook and instagram! P.S. can I say how much I adore her? She brought her brood of 4 kiddos, plus Ruby ended up spending a lot of time with them as well! I obviously love her for more than that little tidbit, but I felt like it was worth mentioning because shopping with 4 kids is not for the faint of heart! 

So without further adieu, I will show you what you might find at the sale this week!

I spy a BOB stroller! Tons of options at different price points.

 Babywearing! Whether you are a seasoned pro or trying it out for the first time, always great variety. Including this adorable TULA!

 There was a change at this sale that I appreciated - boys and girls shoes were put together according to size. At previous sales you'd have a rack of boys stuff and another of girls stuff. But shoes can be so gender neutral sometimes! Including KEENS (which is what I snag for the kids every time, but this time - I got a pair for myself!!).

 Remember how I said Ruby wants "all things unicorn"? Too bad that these were just a tad bit too small! A few tears were wept and I promised that the child that would get them would love them as much as she would.
See what I mean about something unique? You never know what piece of furniture a family is moving on from! I personally love toddler beds. Our kids cosleep with us until about 18 - 24 months and then they are ready for the toddler bed.
 Oh hai! This is my Mr. Cutie. He's 10 months old and growing too fast for this mama.

 A completely separate rack for team attire!

 Anyone going to Disneyland anytime soon? A whole BIN of different ears to choose from!

Also, here's a few of my finds. 

 It wasn't entirely intentional, but clearly I've got a theme going! They are just so cute.

 These three spring and summer dresses were under $10 total!

 RompHIMs for Holden! Haha! Whenever he isn't going to be crawling around in a shirt and diaper, of course.
 A few shoes. I always check for KEENS, Crocs and galoshes. This time I scored a set of KEENS for myself! The little croc Crocs are so cute, I couldn't say no.
 I found a unicorn sweatshirt and a cute "back to school" outfit for Ruby. I can't believe she will start preschool in the fall!

This is my pièce de résistance for the sale. 6 sets of pajamas for Holden - $11. A few of them were seriously only marked for a dollar!

What is on your kids' summer wardrobe must have list? Don't miss the Just Between Friends of Marysville - Mount Vernon, at the Skagit County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon, WA.
Thursday, April 26th | Opening Day!
10:00a -7:00p • Admission $2/door, FREE/online

Friday, April 27th
10:00a – 6:00p • Free admission

Saturday, April 28th | Half Price Day!10:00a – 7:00p • Free Admission

Sunday, April 29th | Up to 75% Off Day!

8:00a – 1:00p • Free Admission

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Just Between Friends of Marysville-Mount Vernon. 
All opinions are my own. Please see giveaway rules for full details. 

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