Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pinterest Summer Recipe Challenge: Bacon Egg and Cheese Ring

If you are a Pinterest addict like I am, you'll know that sometimes you pin ideas that you, for all intents and purposes, plan to try at some point. My recipe board, Nyam, is full of those. I decided that this summer, I'm actually going to make use of this board and try these recipes out. My goal is 1-2 recipes per week, and I'm calling it my Pinterest Summer Recipe Challenge. You can find more of my challengers here.
Today's challenger is for those who need to spruce up their breakfast routine.
I'm not too much of a fan of the Pillsbury line of doughs. Ever since I learned how to make bread from scratch, Pillsbury just isn't the same anymore. My husband's favorite breakfast of all time, however, are Pillsbury biscuits (buttered) with poached eggs, avocado and some Choloula. Honestly, it semi-breaks my heart because I'd totally be happy to whip up something completely home made, with zero preservatives too. But I suppose the heart wants what the heart wants and so every so often I grant him this wish.

But, with all snootyness aside, I decided to try this recipe out. It combines the All-American breakfast into one slice. Behold:

You will need:
(serves 4, 2 slices each)
1 can of Pillsbury Crescent dough (8 crescents)
5 eggs
8 Bacon
Your favorite breakfast cheese, shredded or finely crumbled
Salt, pepper
Just under 1/4 cup of milk
Extras: anything else you might want in scrambled eggs or omlettes, such as sausage, avocado, hot sauce, peppers, ham, olives, onions, salsa..a family favorite here is Portuguese Linguica.

You will do:
1. Prepare your scrambled eggs by mixing eggs, salt/pepper with the milk. Scramble in a frying pan or griddle until fully cooked through.2. Prepare the bacon (or sausage or Linguica) to full cooked-ness.
3. Lay out the crescent rolls in a circle with the pointy ends going outwards.
4. Pile on the eggs, bacon (any extras), top with cheese last. I found that you would have to break the bacon in half to effectively turn the dough in.
5. Bring each of the points over the toppings and back into the center. Press the tip down to to the center to seal.
6. Optional: brush the top of the dough with an egg wash or melted butter.
7. Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes, or until the dough is fully baked.
8. Cut into slices and enjoy!

My trio of helpers: Penny, Zeke and Squirt (who has learned what the benefits of
waiting underneath a high chair means)
Today we had several options-
Bacon, egg, cheese
Bacon, egg, cheese, peppers
Ham, egg, cheese, garlic salt dusted on top** my favorite!
Ham, egg, cheese

This versatile recipe could be adapted to almost any meal.. you could prepare is a Mexican dish (ground turkey, taco seasonings, salsa, top with sour cream), or try it as a dessert with sweetened cream cheese and dusted with cinnamon and sugar.  The possibilities are endless :)  Write a comment and share if you can think of any other yummy variations!

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