Friday, August 3, 2012

5 months

Here we are, at the 20 week are 5 months old!

We've fallen into a very comfortable rhythm for our family. You are the best little buddy I could ask for. Most days are quiet and spent at home, but we've also done our fair share of travel as well. We've divided our time between the lake house and house sitting, and also spent a week in Canada at family camp. You have become quite the little traveller.. flying at 2 months, your first international trip at 4 months.. maybe a visit to Uncle Nick in Germany before the end of the year is in order?? ;)

It seems like we don't really stay in the same place for too long but you do well in new environments. I'm so proud of you! I promise that we'll be settled into our permanent home soon.

Mama and Daddy

Some new updates for you:

You totally flirt now! When you see someone smile or something that you like, you totally give it the biggest smile and then tuck yourself into my neck, and peek shyly back.. You'll do this 4-5 times with each new person. It's so adorable!

For about a week you were doing raspberries. I had started teaching you how to and encouraging it more, and you did it for about a week and now it's very sporadic..Perhaps a new trick is in order?

We've started playing peekaboo, you sort of get it but not quite yet.. Soon though!

Last month's update said you were almost proficient at rolling over both ways, now you're a total champ! In fact, if you think that I'm not watching, you'll roll around all over the place and end up in a completely different orientation.
With rolling over from back to tummy, you've become excellent at grabbing your toes.. Which is totally my favorite baby pose ever! Especially when you are naked :) Seeing all of your chubby little rolls, and you curled up into a little ball is the cutest thing ever. You've even managed to get a foot in your mouth a couple times.

Bath time is now very messy! You like to send waves around the sink (yes, you are still small enough for the sink.. but not for long!) and sometimes it feels like I'm in the splash zone at SeaWorld. We also have inaugurated a special bath time song for you, Raffi's Baby Beluga. I grew up absolutely loving that song and I am glad I get to share it with you :)

You love all babies, but you especially love your cousin Pamela. I think it's a girl thing ;)

Your favorite toy is the bounceroo, which is on loan from your cousin Frankie. You also love rattles and your Sophie the Giraffe teething ring.

Although I'm not sure what your length is, you are now roughly 14 lbs. Way to go for being over twice your birth weight!

Your current schedule is waking up between 7:15-8 (although I try my hardest to keep you asleep til 8!), nap time is every 2 - 2 1/2 hours from there. Bath time starts at 7:30 and you are out like a light by 9p.

You are by no means a quiet baby, you love to chat and squawk.

Chatting and squawking is cute and all, but if you are not in mama's arms for too long, you begin to yell.  I'll spare you all the video!  You have definitely learned the art of projection.. Perhaps one day you'll take some opera lessons from your Auntie Annie?

You reach for anything that is in my hands. You absolutely love touching cold glasses, especially when they have condensation from a cool beverage inside.

Current nicknames: Penny (duh), Pennybaby, PenPen, Lil' P, Baby, and my personal new favorite.. Little Sugar.
Next month, you'll be 6 months old.. I can't believe it!

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