Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thirsty and Hungry.. What gives?

When a mama's body knows, a mama's body knows, right? For the last week, I've been extra thirsty, hungry for protein and fiber, and on a whim started taking fenugreek again. I didn't feel like I was getting low in supply, but just felt like I should take some.

Then, towards the end of last week, Penny started acting not quite like her usual joyous self. A little more whiny, needy, pushy, grabby, chompy. Bored easily. Nap and sleep schedules were a little off, too. I figured that we had been traveling a lot, been out and about during the day and it was just taking its toll. Heck, it was taking it's toll on all three of us. Adam did the math and he's commuted (via car or bus) over 30,000 miles in the last 10 months. He is tired. So I decided that that this past weekend would be a break for our little family and hopefully everyone would feel rejuvenated afterwards.

It helped, but not as much as I had hoped it would. Penny is still "off." I've come to the realization that teething isn't as much to blame for it as I've been thinking.. The little sugar is on a growth spurt. I don't know why I ignored the signs, but cluster feeding sessions from this morning is what finally turned the light bulb on for me.

What truly amazes me is that my body knew before my mind would accept it. It's so convenient that my body and hers are still so in tune with each other, even after the separation of birth. I've read a few posts in the last week or so that exemplified this connection, Lautaret Bohemiet's being my favorite. In Western culture we try to disconnect the mind and body so much, to the point where we just don't trust or listen to our body's cues. Some might think it's a bunch of psychic mumbo jumbo, but I'm a believer.  There's stuff going on beneath the surface that we aren't acutely aware of, but our body is working away 24/7.

the remains
One of the things I've been craving this past week were avocados (but, lets face it, I'll eat avocados any day, I don't need craving to be an excuse). So in a hurry, I pulled this recipe out of my Nyam Pinterest board and whipped it up for lunch today. It was whipped so quickly and efficiently, there was no time for pictures to justify one of my Pinterest Summer Recipe Challenge posts.

On that note, tonight's dinner is BBQ Pork Pizzas, with dough made from scratch and the pork roasted at a friends' party over the weekend. Again, not a Pinterest Summer Recipe Challenge post, but I hope that it will be worthy of some bragging about later ;)


  1. What a great post! I love how a mama's intuition transcends to the deepest levels and makes us "know" things we can't possibly "know". This was beautiful.

    And I'm glad you enjoyed my post! Thank you. :)

  2. Aw I'm so happy you enjoyed the egg salad! Fabulous blog :)


  3. She's about at the right age for another wonder week! Lots of exciting stuff.



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