Monday, September 3, 2012

Guest Post at That Mama Gretchen: Zucchini Cakes

Today you'll find my guest post over at my good friend Gretchen's blog while she is on her maternity leave with her little man. Gretchen and I go waaaaaay back to our high school days working at a local coffee shop, dreaming about one day owning a coffee shop of our own that is space aged and provided lattes on conveyor belts. LOL! It's so funny to think about us as giggling high schoolers 10 years ago...and here we are fellow mamas in the blogging community. Back then if you had asked me about a "blog," you would have gotten a really blank stare in return. Ps, I feel old that now I can say things like "10 years ago" in reference to my life.

Anyways, like I was saying.. as summer draws to a close, check out my second to last Pinterest Summer Recipe Challenger on her blog today - Zucchini Cakes. These are like crab or salmon cakes, just with zucchini. YUM! We paired them with stuffed salmon, grilled shrimp and a strawberry salad. A perfect summer dinner.

To see my other posts on the recipes I've tried out this summer, check them out here.

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