Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Maternity Sash: The process of one year

Ahh the wonders of Pinterest. I love looking there for inspiration, don't you? I was newly introduced to Pinterest when planning for my maternity shoot (thanks to the wonderful Theresa at TC Photography) and was able to find quite a few ideas that I loved and that my photographer helped me recreate.

One of the sweetest ideas I came across was the maternity sash. You can find beautiful versions on Etsy, but I opted for the DIY route. One of my manifestations of nesting was becoming a little crafty.  We were in the process of moving so I didn't have a way to put that energy towards a baby room, which wouldn't have been necessary anyways because even at a year we still bed-share.

So I visited my local craft store, used a few tutorials on fabric flowers and put together my own maternity sash!

The end result - a sash that I used for belly, newborn and one year old pictures. Who knows? Maybe it'll stick around for many of Penny's other milestones. Adam would like to put the kibosh on that because he thinks the feathers are gaudy, but I thought they were quite cute!
P.S. - I miss those little squishy cheeks so much!

Did you use a prop throughout your baby's growth to keep a theme going?


  1. So cute! I have two boys, so no flowers & feathers here. I just hope no one has visible bumps & scrapes. Lol. (My 3 year old is finally getting the idea that washing wounds=good, picking scabs=bad. Hurray!)

  2. Omgosh I love it!! What a great idea!! I love that you made it and I love that you used it for your maternity and first year photos!! Super cute!



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