Monday, May 12, 2014

Ruby: One month

Dear little Ruby,

You have been a teacher of many lessons this month! I can't believe how quickly these few weeks have flown by; we've actually transitioned into a 4 member family almost seamlessly overnight. And I don't mean to say this in a way that sounds like I'm bragging...because it really is no thanks to me. It's all thanks to your laid back attitude - you just go with the flow. You readily accepted that you probably will never have a quiet nap time (thanks to your 2 year old sister), that our schedule heavily relies upon your sister's whims, that naps can happen in a loved one's arms (or on their chest), in our bed or on a nest of blankets on the couch. The case was not so with your sister (she was rarely ever put down)! I am so blessed to have such a chilled out second baby...for the moment ;)

The days following your birth were filled with family coming to help while I recovered. Both sets of grandparents, almost all of your aunts, uncles and cousins came to visit in your first two weeks. It was such an immense amount of help to keep me on bed rest and help your sister with the transition. It allowed you and I to snuggle and get to know each other without worrying about cooking, cleaning or any other of our daily routines. Once I was able to get back up onto my feet I was actually well rested and ready to go.

Speaking of rest, your mama thanks you some more. You are such a good sleeper! From day 1 you wake up around 1a and 4a to nurse and otherwise it's lights out. Your daddy and I have noticed, however, that you are not a quiet baby by any means! You only cry when you are getting changed (and are cold) or if mama doesn't get to you quickly enough to nurse, but otherwise you are constantly just making noise. You whine, wimper, snore, or just plain breathe loudly all.the.time! The other night while you were sleeping on my chest as your daddy and I were watching a tv show I could barely hear the tv. I almost had to put on subtitles to keep up with the show.

You've been gaining weight quickly and it eases my heart to see you thriving so well. At birth you were 7 lbs 15 oz, at 2 weeks you were 8 lbs 5 oz, and as of your one month appointment you are 9 lbs 7 oz. I love watching those chubby thigh rolls spill out of your diaper and down to your ankles. Baby fat is just so cute! You've grown out of your newborn sized clothes and cloth diapers so quickly. I can barely keep up with all the changes; you are so different from your older sister!

A blast from the past: Some of my thoughts when your sister was 3 weeks old.

Our time is more occupied these days but our hearts are so full of love for you and your sister.

your mama

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