Monday, November 3, 2014

Making Me Time on Road Trips

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The holidays are upon us and what that means for us, and probably you, is increased road trips. Am I right? Extended families tend to get together more often during the holidays and there's lots of fun things to do, such as light shows. In a study by AAA in 2013, they found that 91% of Americans travel during the holidays by car.

Throughout the internet you'll find tons of lists of what to pack for a road trip with infants, toddlers, teenagers, tweens, grandparents, dogs, cats, perhaps even the family gerbil. But NOWHERE do you find what a mom should pack for herself! So I decided to visit my local Safeway and compile a list of my favorites to take along on the road trip and to show you how you can easily turn a few hours in the car with your family into a pseudo-me-time moment. Ready?

1. Treats.
Because you're a smart mom you already packed the kid snacks and their favorite toys and made them readily accessible for your non-napping toddler. But because they are in the backseat and you are in the front seat, this may be the perfect time to pull out those secret mama-only treats! My favorite is always chocolate; it's an act of true love for me to share any, so I do whatever I can to sneak it in moments where I don't have to share! I also like to pack popcorn or tortilla chips with hummus or mango salsa!

2. Something to drink.
You know you're going to have to stop for the kids' potty break anyways, so keep yourself hydrated too - be it a Starbucks or a bottle of water.

3. Reading material.
How often, as moms, do we get uninterrupted time to sit and read? I take full advantage of this in the car. Luckily I don't get carsick anymore! If I'm not in the middle of the current young adult fiction series, one of my favorite magazines to read is Sunset. It's a good mix of local and national travel, food and decor ideas. The other guilty pleasure (along with the chocolate) is the current issue of People. Don't judge! I have to learn about the latest scandal or who the current starlet is!

Did you know that Safeway's Just For U program currently has a coupon to save $1 on one participating magazine title PEOPLE, PEOPLE StyleWatch, Sunset, and InStyle available through the Just4U online portal? You can find it on the website or app from 10/23/14 - 11/20/14 (while supplies last).

4. Comfies.
If I'm in for a long road trip you'll find me in yoga pants (ok, let's face it, when DON'T you find me in yoga pants these days?!) and layering a soft zippy with a tee. I keep a lap quilt in the car and I pack a small soft pillow. The pillow is great for sleeping on (duh) or propping my reading material up with.

5. Clean up.
It just makes sense to keep a case of baby wipes and a spare grocery bag handy. Someone is bound to make a mess.

6. Communication.
A fully charged cell phone + a car charger is on my must have list too. This way, even when I'm on the road I can make sure the blog isn't blowing up or open up the Netflix app and hand it back to Penny in case of a serious melt down.

..Oh, and I guess I should mention if all else fails, you can also chat with your driver! ;p

And there you have it! That's what you'll find in my foot well on a 3-4 hour road trip.

What do you always pack for yourself? 


  1. I always forget something! Always, lol!

  2. I used to live just north of you in Bellingham, and with the mountains and scenery, road trips are common for a lot of people. After a few of them, you can throw together a travel bag in your sleep.

    1. I used to live in Bellingham! I went to WWU from 04-08. My husband and I met on campus :) I have many fond memories of that area, and you can throw together a ton of trips starting from Bellingham. Small world :)



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