Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Handmade merino infant hat from Öko Creations

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Bald babies. I got em! It wasn't until Penny was almost 2 years old before she grew a respectable amount of hair, and as a result hats are simply a part of our lives around here.

What catches my eye when it comes to shopping for a new hat for my littles?

-Anything that reminds me of an animal - it's got to be cute!
-Material; I look for high quality, alternative fibers, durable and organic where ever possible. Bamboo or wool are a favorite.
-Mode of manufacture: was it hand-made or at least ethically made?

I was so excited for Ruby to test-run an Öko Creations Merino wool baby hat! I have been a facebook fan for a while and am honored to get to share about their product and company with you.

Merino wool is highly desireable as a textile because the wool is so versatile in heat retention as well as breathability. Especially for those bald baby heads, you want something that keeps their skin warm but not causes them to overheat and sweat; because then you've got a wet hat and that's much worse than not wearing a hat at all. Best of all, organic merino wool is naturally antibacterial!

Oko Creations hand makes all of their products; has an intense focus on responsibility for the environment and to their customer (by providing the best quality materials as well as limiting environmental impact) and based on their awesome facebook and instagram feed it's fun to work there too! :)

It's important to me to support and share about businesses just like Öko Creations. Hand-made products are so special because you can just imagine the dreams and inspiration that went into the product that you hold in your hand; in this case, I know that someone lovingly made this hat with the idea of my little girl in mind. It was important to Marie-Noël and Melanie Beetz, the owners, and their seamstresses that Ruby and other babies are kept warm and healthy by making the commitment of higher quality materials and sustainable practices. And that, instead of the ease of picking up a $5 hat at a local chain, is why I will continue to support hand-made, small businesses like Öko Creations. And I hope you will too! 

And let's face it, this hat is adorbs. So adorbs, in fact, that Penny has dubbed it as Ruby's "snail hat," because the two peaks remind her of snail antennae. And snails are kind of her current obsession.
Isn't she a stinker?

In addition to the very cute snail antennae, I like that it covers her ears and back of her neck appropriately. She just looks so cozy and squishy. And that little tongue - well, that's kind of her signature expression right now.
These hats come in two sizes (NB-3 months, 4-12 months) and Ruby is in the larger size. The material is stretchy and forgiving, I can see her using this hat well past her first birthday. It doesn't feel like wool either, it feels like an interesting mix between bamboo and wool to me. It's well sewn and even when Ruby is done, I can see using this for another baby down the road. ;)

Öko Creations is offering a Pierogie Mama reader one too! Öko Creations is based in Canada, however if you are in the US and want to place an order, send an email to info@okocreations.ca and they will take your order and arrange for US shipping.  They are working to make US ordering easier. 

This giveaway is over - thanks to all for entering! 
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Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my honest review, but as always, all opinions are my own and I only share what I love! 


  1. We try to keep a green lifestyle so choosing eco-friendly when possible is really important to us. Also we love supporting handmade and small, local businesses!

  2. I prefer eco-friendly products because I believe it's my responsibility to make this world better for my kids and future grandkids! Plus, it's great to be able to support locally made products. :)

  3. abrennan09@hotmail.com
    Anything to help out with the family's well-being and health. Thank you.

  4. I prefer eco-friendly products because they're not wasteful and in the long run it's cheaper.

  5. I love handmade products because they are higher quality.

  6. They are unique and safer than many commercial products. Also, I support small businesses!

  7. They seem to last longer and feel more authentic.

  8. I love knowing that my money is going to help a family pay bills or get some extras!

  9. Higher quality, unique and supports small business artists! LOVE handmade!!

  10. My baby's skin is sensitive so I try to avoid clothes with synthetic fibers or dyes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. As a craftsperson i know how difficult it is to sustain a handmade business so i always try to patronize other artisans when the budget allows. as for natural. i dislike chemicals in my home and on my kids!

  12. I believe that too many of our products are laced with UN-necessary chemicals. Choosing Eco-friendly products limits the number of toxic chemical I bring into my home.

  13. I try to pick eco friendly as often as possible because as a vegan that is how I live my life, being as gentle to the Earth as possible.



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