Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Just Between Friends of Everett/Monroe Summer event is here!

A few weeks ago I introduced Eunice Gong, the owner of Just Between Friends of Everett/Monroe, and tonight I am super excited to share with you what I snagged at her first summer event! Not sure what "Just Between Friends" aka "JBF" is? It's a maternity and children's consignment sale that happens all across North America, and I'm a pretty big fan of it! I've been shopping at Eunice's JBF sale for 3 years and have save literally thousands of dollars on clothing and gear for my kids.

Each time that I shop at a JBF event, I like to share what I snagged because not only am I super proud of the awesome deals I got, but I also want to encourage you to check it out too! So without further adieu....

Let me just lay that out in the open. 15 items, $77.53 total. An average of $4.73 per item! The most expensive item that I bought was a $12 Disney store brand sweat shirt for Penny, and the least expensive was a whopping dollar for a cute Ariel placemat. 

Not a bad haul for the essentials, right?
As I mentioned before, this is the first summer sale that JBF Everett/Monroe has put on, and it's also the first time that they've held it at Everett Community College. Normally it's at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, so I was interested to see how the new venue and location would affect the sale. Many consignors and shoppers are willing to drive a bit to check out each of the several JBF sales in the Seattle area, and this opened up an opportunity for the greater Everett area families to consign and shop as well. 

Both of my kids accompanied me while I shopped and I totally had a laugh at this experience. Penny is now very much at the age where she wants to do what I do and also has a very quickly growing opinion on things. So while I was perusing the racks for Penny's size (and thinking ahead in the next year), I would hold up an item against her to see if the length was about right. She would be very quick to veto or pass on the item based on it's cuteness factor (we are talking about a 3 year old, after all). Some items were the right size but didn't fit her whimsy. She quickly learned this game and started pulling items out of the racks that she thought were nice and would hold them against herself. Regardless of whether they really were going to fit or not, she would say "hmm, yes, I think this will fit after all."
Ruby also quickly learned a new game. It was called "chase after Penny, pull down random items from the racks and shove them into Mama's shopping bag while she wasn't looking."
With that being said, I think that I still made off with a ton of awesome finds!
If you want to see what else you can find at the Just Between Friends of Everett/Monroe, check me out on instagram!

Just Between Friends of Everett/Monroe Summer 2015 consignment sale
Friday June 26
10:00-6:00p Free admission
Saturday June 27
                                                           9:00a-5:00p Free Admission
                                             5:30p-7:00p HALF PRICE EARLY BIRD SHOPPING! 
                                            Items without a star are 50% OFF Purchase Tickets Here
Sunday June 28
8:00a-1:00p Free Admission (no ticket needed)
50% off items without stars
Click to see the full sale schedule 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Just Between Friends of Everett/Monroe. 
All opinions expressed are my own.

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