Thursday, July 16, 2015

Farm to Table Farmers Market is OPEN in Monroe!

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I'm a fan of buying local and supporting the "small town" feel. Being connected to my community is a great feeling - knowing your neighbor, waving at a friend in the grocery store. I love it! I never had that in the town that I grew up in for 18 years, and yet there is something special about Monroe, WA that changed all of that in less than three years for me.

This week was the grand opening of the Farm to Table Farmers Market! The location was perfect; right under the iconic Carnation smoke stack that visitors and residents see when they pass through town.

Lots of great vendors were there -
Kenzie's Pendants - handmade wire wrapped jewelry  // Whackadoodles & Wanderlust - repurposing old spoons into jewelry
Tons of great food options too - a veteran run taco truck, wood fired pizza, a beer & wine garden AND frozen yogurt.

I was excited to see the variety of what our locals brought in. There was definite pride in craftsmanship from each of the vendors and I loved getting to meet some of them personally.

Farm to Table Farmers Market 

501 E. Main Street
Monroe WA

Wednesdays 3-7 during the summer


  1. Farmer's markets are awesome. We're trying to routinely make it to our local market. We have yet to define routinely, though.

  2. I love our local farmers market!! Im so glad you have one to visit in your town!! We love meeting and enjoying local staples and items!! There's so many talented people right in our own neighborhood!!

  3. I love going to these kinds of market. Just about everything is home grown. Love it.

  4. We live in San Diego and worried when we moved here we would really miss the small town we moved from in Oklahoma. We did at first, but we realized quickly that each neighborhood here could feel like its own small town. We love our local farmer's market and getting to know the local growers and craftspeople. Looks like your market got a great start! Yay!



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