Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mama survival hour with Bumble Bee SuperFresh Ahi Tuna

Traveling spouses. I tell ya, it's rough. On all parties involved.

My husband was traveling for at least 30% of his work up until a couple months ago. Every few weeks he'd be off for a convention or project support meeting. While it was a necessary part of his position, it was one that quickly lost it's allure. Travel for business can be fun, don't get me wrong - the schmoozing, new places and prestige. But as my husband and I quickly realized, it wasn't something for us. Missing my husband and co-parent for a week at a time every month or so wasn't fun. The girls weren't happy to see daddy go either.

Thankfully a couple months ago my husband took a new position where he has to travel much less. This past week he was called away to support a project and we kind of gave that collective groan. But just as he had become a seasoned traveler and was able to quickly pack a bag, I too had learned a few tricks on how to handle his absence.

In addition to how to help the children cope with a traveling parent, I gave myself something to look forward to- mama survival hour. It was an hour that I set aside for myself at the end of the day, no matter what, that I would do something for myself. It varied from a show or movie that I never got to watch because the husband or kids aren't interested, a sewing or craft project to getting ahead on the blogging game. On this particular night I planned a grown up only culinary delight.

Bumble Bee recently rolled out a new line of fancy-schmancy meals (Bumble Bee SuperFresh) that I had been excited to try out but knew I needed to wait for mama survival hour. Bumble Bee SuperFresh® is a complete line of naturally-seasoned, restaurant quality, “fish-forward” prepared seafood solutions for the home. It raises the bar for what seafood lovers can expect from frozen food! I picked out the seared ahi tuna and thawed it in the fridge for 3 hours. Sushi was a favorite evening girls night while I was in college so I anticipated this with much excitement.

Once the kidlets were down for the count (THANK GOODNESS), mama survival hour began. I poured a glass of my favorite Riesling and festively added a couple slices of fresh ginger. A simple dish with soy sauce accompanied the ahi and I quietly sat down, mulled over the fresh fish flavors and sipped my wine. In peace.

You can also enjoy Bumble Bee SuperFresh® Ahi Tuna with a side of soy sauce and wasabi, in a classic Nicoise Salad or served alongside your favorite seafood accompaniments.  Being a seafood lover (we enjoy fish about once a week), I approach frozen fish with trepidation. Have you ever thawed fish in your fridge? The smell! And you never know how the texture is going to be. I was surprised that not only did my fridge not smell like fish but also that the texture of the tuna was maintained. That's because during the preparation process, Bumble Bee freezes the fish during the processing and never fully defrosts the whole piece while the tuna is being seasoned and seared. Pretty much like what you'd find from the professionally trained sushi chef's cutting board. The SuperFresh line uses the term “fish forward” - you'll find that the fish is simple and eloquently seasoned and very easy to see what you are eating (no blankets of breading or sauces!). When browsing the SuperFresh website I was really happy to see their transparency in ingredients and sourcing. You'll find them in the frozen aisle - there's tons of different dishes available from Bumble Bee.

Tell me - do you have a mama survival hour? What do you do?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. My survival hour includes music and chocolate!

  2. Oh yum!! These sound amazing!! I do, but my hour is in the morning!! I usually watch movies and enter giveaways ;)

  3. My mommy survival hour is reading a book and eating some chocolate.



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