Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Guest Post: Cranana Muffin Recipe

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Everybody has their favorite pre-holiday breakfast pastry. From scones to breads, croissants to donuts – a baker’s arsenal has a limitless number of options!
Oh, and the flavors?!?! Blueberry, apple, pumpkin, chocolate, Bavarian cream, strawberry rhubarb – my mouth is just watering thinking of all the delicious combinations! Don’t even get me started on how adding “spiced” in front of any of these just opens up a whole new door to Flavortown!
When coming up with a home run recipe, my personal favorite must encompass all the best parts of the holidays. In a single bite I have got to experience sweetness and tanginess. While also getting a little bit of spice. Oh and there always has to be just a pinch of salt.
I think that I may have found perfection in my latest endeavor – the Cranana Muffin!
This wondrous creation is not your typical muffin. Made with fresh cranberries and ripe bananas, the flavors burst in your mouth with every bite. The smell wafting from your oven will bring your children to the table, and your neighbors to the door. Beautiful bright red berries and gooey yellow banana bits call your name as you unwrap this oh so yummy treat.    

Cranana Muffin Recipe

1 bag fresh cranberries
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup butter
3 eggs
2 1/4 cups flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
4-5 VERY ripe bananas (this is important)

- Preheat oven to 350°
- Simmer water berries and 1/4 cups sugar for 3 to 6 minutes. Drain.
- Cream butter and remaining sugar.
- Add eggs one at a time.
- Combined dry ingredients in separate bowl.
- Mash bananas and add to dry ingredients with wet mixture.
- Gently mix in cranberries.
- Fill muffin cups just below cup line.
- Bake for 12 to 15 minutes
- Make sure to cool before serving.

This made 22 muffins for me, but I think next time I'll fill them fuller and should expect about 20 or so. They were really good split in half with a little butter.

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  1. Yummo!! Youve combined 2 of my favs!! We will have to try these!! I bet my hubby and son wuld just love them!! I love that you used fresh cranberries!!

  2. This looks great. I will definitely try it since I like all the ingredients

  3. I love this and will definitely try it as I like all the ingredients

  4. These look delicious! I have been looking for a way to use up my very ripe bananas.

  5. This sounds so healthy and nutritous. I will definetely try in the future. My mouth is now watering

  6. This looks like a deliciously festive muffin recipe!

  7. Definitely gonna try this recipe! I love banana bread and anything with cranberries

  8. I'm so making muffins for breakfast... I've been dying for blueberry muffins... Mmmmm

  9. this sounds so delicious! esp for people with allergies - thanks for sharing ! :)

  10. thanks for sharing this yummy recipe. I always have bananas around for banana nut bread, so now I have a new use for them as well.

  11. For a second I got my hopes up that this was a gluten free recipe. :/ Only because the picture said gluten tag. LOL My bad.

  12. These muffins look delicious! I'll definitely have to try them!

  13. You've definitely got a winner here! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Yum and they sound pretty simple!

  15. I love finding new Muffin recipes!



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