Thursday, January 28, 2016

Penny for your thoughts (Vol 4)

Penny pronounces "mistletoe" as "weasel town." #frozenforever

I AM NOT A PERSON! I am a big girl!

My eyes are sprinkling! (when she had tears after coughing)

Penny is currently reprimanding her sauropod family:

"You say 'YES PENNY.' Thank you."
"Those are very good choices. You have to stay close to your mama saur, the door is too far away."

"Can you please say "Drive Safely" to me?"

We're talking about healthy foods vs treats. As she's snacking on an animal cracker.
B: Fruits and veggies are healthy, meat is too. But remember, cookies are a treat. They aren't always very healthy but we can have them every once in a while.

P: No mom, cookies are a treat AND a snack.
B: Yes, but they aren't very healthy. Did you know that veggies and fruits will help you grow big and strong?
P: Yes! And cookies will make my ... arms ... LONG!

"Look mama, this part of my face is chubby." (poking at her cheek)

"This marker smells like someone coughed on it and spilled coffee on it"

"Mama when you cough, are you sending germs to jail?"

B - Penny, you need to nap today. Your body needs rest to fight the germs.
P- but mom, you said that eating good food helps fight the germs.
B - yes, that too, but your body needs to rest so that it has the strength to fight the germs.

P- but mom, you said that God is the strength I need in my heart to fight germs.


  1. The wonderful things kids say. I need to journal what my daughter says they will embarass her later is life ��

  2. Omgosh I love how kiddo's minds work!! The innocence and reasoning is just adorable!!

  3. My, the way kids interpret what we tell them! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This seriously just made me smile big time.



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