Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Beco Toddler Carrier - For the Joy of Babywearing

Shortly around the age of two, I thought Ruby was done with babywearing.

It was happening less frequently; she wanted more independence in the grocery store or on hikes. I'd be able to get her into my Boba 4G (which we've had since she was a newborn) if she was very sleepy or if it was absolutely necessary for her safety, while I held her big sister's hand.

I quietly packed the Boba away, thinking about all of our adventures that we've had and truly how comforting it had been to her. It was her favorite carrier and the one she almost clung to like a lovey. I tried a few times to borrow a friends' carrier to try out a new brand and she adamantly would not allow me to put her into it. She'd run for her Boba. Twice a month when I'd go to MOPS, she was quickly soothed in the Boba when one of her blessed MOPPETTS care takers would gladly wear her in it for the two hours while I had a break.

It dawned on me that maybe the problem was that she was too big for it. She certainly hadn't outgrown it by the safety standards (she was about 25 lbs and maybe 31 or 32 inches, an average 2 year old girl) but I did start to wonder if the seat just wasn't wide enough for her anymore. So I gave my friends at Beco a call and the Beco Toddler Sloth in Orange came to live with us.

Yes, Miss Ruby was hesitant at first. She was not too keen on this new visitor in our house. But we worked on it for a little while and the joy of babywearing returned!

She quickly snuggled into the wider panel, I could feel her knees were better supported in the uber deep seat, and even my own body felt better aligned with her toddler weight more evenly distributed. Her body relaxed as she remembered how wonderful it was to snuggle up onto mama's back. Even her preschool aged sister asked for a chance for uppies, because it's been a long time since we've been able to do it for her too!

The Beco Toddler has come with us EVERYWHERE since then. We've gone camping, it accompanies us on farm chores occasionally and most importantly - waits in my truck for those days where the grocery shopping trip is a wee bit too close to nap time.

So what is the Beco Toddler, exactly?

It's a soft structured buckle carrier (SSC), meaning you can wear your child on your front (facing you) or on your back (also facing you), on the hip or criss-crossing the straps across your back for front carry (it helps spread the weight even more). It secures the child to you with backpack straps with a buckle at your hips and at your chest. It's one of the most popular, ergonomic and easy ways to wear your child. Beco has two carrier sizes; the Gemini for babies who weigh 7-35 lbs and toddler for big kids over the age of 18 months and range in weight from 20-60 lbs.

The buckle at your hips requires two handed release for safety

There are tons of friendly features on the Beco Toddler that I've appreciated in comparison to the other SSC carriers that I've gotten to try out. It comes with a hood which comes in handy for naps or nursing. It's removable!

The mark of a good SSC to me is lots of adjustibility. You've got a growing kid as well as a great variation of body types for caregivers. Many members of my family have adopted babywearing, so it's great when a carrier can be adjusted from my frame, my either of my sister in laws, my mother in law AND the 6'2 athletically built uncle or grandpa.

Another important creature comfort feature of a SSC is storage pockets. Because honestly, while I am babywearing my carrier is also my wallet. It goes with me everywhere, so why not cut down on extra luggage? The Beco Toddler has a small pouch that is perfect for the few essential cards or cash that you might carry around with you.

And can I mention, again, this funky cute sloth and chameleon print? My kids are quite in love with Zootopia (that sloth scene MADE the movie for grown ups everywhere, I'm serious) and Tangled, so seeing two animals from both of the movies makes me and the girls smile.

So if you ask me, the Beco Toddler is a really awesome toddler carrier. It is durably made, comfortable, adjustable and has extended our babywearing days! And did you know that Beco Toddlers are on sale??

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Beco. I received product in exchange for my honest review. Truly, I love this carrier, and think you will too!


  1. looking for a new carrier for my toddler

  2. this makes me want to go buy one..i love the sloth print so cute.

  3. That is a really good print and the fact that it goes to sixty pounds is a bonus. I could conceivably wear my five year old son in that on my back and his little sister on my front. Though I don't think that I want to try. That would be close to 70 lbs combined.



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