Monday, March 20, 2017

Just Between Friends of Everett/Monroe consignment Spring sale!

Good morning, Snohomish County friends!

Each Spring and Fall I get a little bit of an extra buzz because it's that time of year where I do most of my kids clothing shopping. And I don't despair because to outfit 2 growing girls it is literally a steal to do my shopping at Just Between Friends consignment sales! Let me tell you why -

I've gotten this shopping thing down to a science. I go through my girls' clothes a few weeks before to see where we stand on the condition of our standard options - leggings, sweat shirts, t shirts and long sleeves. I set aside what my 3 year old has grown out of; deciding if the clothing item is acceptable to consign or if it can be donated or passed on to a friend. I store my 5 year old's outgrown clothing for a season so that her little sister can grow into it a little. Then I inventory where are the gaps that we need to fill and what we may need for the upcoming season. 

With that little list in hand, I head over to the JBF shopping venue and am able to look through the well organized racks of clothing for the cutest and best deals.  Eunice, the owner of JBF Everett/Monroe and her team, are sticklers for making sure all of the consigned items are in excellent used condition - it's rare to find any items that have even the lightest little grease stain on them. The prices are extremely fair and the best part is - it's a local family who consigns those clothes so your purchases are literally helping a neighbor. 

Have you ever heard of what is affectionately called "JBF"? It's a bi-annual sale held across the country where you can shop for family related consignment items - the most popular items being baby and kid clothes, though you can find anything from nursery furniture, babywearing gear, cloth diapers, maternity & teen clothes, movies, games, and so much more. 

Over the last 5 years I've been to over a dozen JBF sales throughout the North Cascades region and I've snagged so many awesome deals! Here's a snippet of what you can find at a JBF sale.

Even my kids know what it means when we go JBF shopping!

As an ongoing relationship with JBF Everett/Monroe, I am so excited to get to share another awesome giveaway from Eunice and her team! I've got three prizes - $25 JBF bucks to spend at the sale or two prime time tickets (valued at $10 each) to get in before the public! Check out the giveaway widget below.

To get your shop on, mark your calendar for

April 5- 8 2017

Evergreen State Fairgrounds
Monroe, WA

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