Monday, August 21, 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse - from Sedro Woolley, WA

Up until this morning I wasn't into all the hype over the "Great American Solar Eclipse." But a friend gave me some of her extra viewing glasses so I gave it a shot!

So what did I do? NASA recommends getting special filters for your camera, but given my short time frame and a bit of googling, I decided to take apart one of my pairs of viewing glasses and taped the lens over the lens of my Canon camera. I set up the tripod and my remote shutter in the best viewing spot in my yard and hung out there. I kept my children inside because at 5 and 3 I couldn't entirely trust them that their glasses would stay on or that they'd be able to tell me if they didn't fit properly.  I wore a billed hat to shade over the tops of my eyes and alternated between looking at the sun through the viewing glasses and also putting my regular glasses over top so that I can see the images a little more clearly.

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Here's what I got!

And there ya have it! While I didn't notice a difference in light, it definitely got markedly cooler. I went from feeling very warm and comfortable in my tank top to feeling like a light jacket would be nice.

The next Great American Solar Eclipse is April 24, 2024 but it'll be going across the Eastern US.

The next one close to Washington State will be viewable in Montana on Aug 23, 2044. I'll be 58!

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