Monday, February 6, 2012

Her First Day

On Friday I ended my, what I call now, self gratifying, life.

It's been quite a bit of a lead up to this day and I want to be sure I get it done right. It all started back in mid July when my little pregnancy test told me that my life had already been changed for about 5 1/2 weeks now. We were going to be parents. !!!!

Quiet celebrations abounded between us, but we chose to keep our excitement subdued in case of miscarriage. An 8 week ultrasound confirmed, yes, there is a little someone in there, and we dubbed him/her "Pierogie," after my favorite (and notably the cutest) Polish food. That week we found the opportunity to share the news with both sides of our family in person and then came more waiting. A few more weeks passed by and we were comfortable making the big announcement to all our friends. Right on schedule, within days my employer was asking about my plans for the future. Don't you think it's a bit early to be asking questions like that?

Fast forward to October and our decision was finalized. The hubs applied for and was accepted for a bitchen new job, which gave us the financial security of me becoming a stay at home mom (SAHM). The catch: pack your bags, you're leaving the house you've been renovating for the past year and you've gotta move 3 hours north. A small price to pay for what is going to make the single most largest impact on the financial stability of our family. So, there is was. He began his new job in November, while I stayed at the homestead and finished out the rest of my pregnancy and he couch surfed during the week and came home to work on the house on the weekends. Did I mention that my husband is literally Superman incarnate?

The day came where after 14 weeks of seeing each other for roughly 48 hours per week, I made my exit from the {paid} work life to begin my life serving a more appreciative power- my family. We packed up our necessities and said goodbye to our home... we've still got work to do and will be coming back, but it won't be home base anymore.
Which leads me to the second catch:
We'll be living at my parents til a TBD date. We made the choice to wait until our house sells before jumping into another mortgage. I'll finishing out the last ~5 weeks of the pregnancy living at the 'rents house and be delivering our Pierogie at a local birth center. Husband will still be doing the couch surfing thing with friends and family for part of the week, but we'll now only be about an hour apart (non rush hour time) so we'll see each other more often and get to spend more nights together. Like, lunch dates will now be an option. Wash, rinse and repeat until the house sells and we'll likely have our replacement option waiting in the wings ;) Move into a fabulous new home with babe in arms. A girl can only dream...

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  1. This must have been an exciting time, knowing that a sweet little one was coming and so many great things lie ahead and yet not knowing what the future would look like. I like hearing how people ended up in the positions where they are now. Thanks for sharing!



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