Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 months

Dearest Penelope,
This week you've really transitioned into an opinionated and active infant. I think I finally have a hold of your wants and needs too.
Your 2 month wellchild visit (which was a week early) showed that you are right on track.. And surprised daddy and I with your weight on 9 lbs 4 oz and length of 20 inches. It's funny how numbers work, because right after that I came home and started cycling out your tiny newborn sized clothes. Comparing them to your size, even now, makes your birth day seem like eons ago.. It's the end of an era for you and I, which I am sad to see these tiny bits go into storage because I'll never get to hold you while so small anymore, but I'm also so proud of you and I for working through what is a difficult time for many with grace and ease. You, Daddy and I were made for each other and the 3 of us just click. I couldn't have asked for a better combination.

In addition to getting bigger, a silly little thing caught my attention this week that makes me see you as the growing child that you are. In the afternoon I put you down for a nap, and came back to you after several minutes because I heard you stirring. Normally your stirrings were just you wiggling your head, moving your arms or kicking your feet. Then I found you in a completely different orientation and position... A sign for things to come?

We call this the "belly flopped seal"

This week we're preparing for your first trip on a plane to go see Uncle Nick graduate from college. I have a mixture of excitement and anxiousness. I hope the flight will be good for both of us - I specifically hope it is not uncomfortable for you as we take off and land, that you're able to find rest in my arms and that the air inside the plane will not be too cold or dry for your sensitive little nose. I pray that the excitement of travel will not disrupt your schedule too much, because I have learned how important it is to you to know what is coming (a trait you got from me). I hope that the vacation is fun for us too, and that the extra bit of sun will do us good.

Yesterday Daddy had some alone time with you and he showed you how to grab for hanging toys in your playmat!  Then in the evening we tried again and you wowed Babcia and Grandpa with your skills too.  You bring our family so  much joy!

Daddy and I continually work towards and pray for the sale of our Washougal home. Living with your grandparents has been such a blessing; it has been a big help in allowing me to focus all of my energies on you in your early weeks. Daddy has now been commuting for work and living away from us for about 7 months. He works hard and will continue to do it for as long as we need to, but he needs a break.  Now we are ready to keep our own home and for me to be the full time, independent mama that I always planned to be. I am ready to be your daddy's wife again too, and cultivate our new home for our beautiful little family.

Your daddy made a wonderful comment about your beautiful eyes the other day - they always catch the light and sparkle even when there is little light to be seen.  Keep your sparkle, continue growing and learning, little one. We love you so much.


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  1. Jemma just pointed to Penelope and said clear as day, "BABY!". Proud mama here too ... first time she has pointed and said it that clear :)



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