Monday, May 28, 2012

Great Cloth Diaper Change - Update

So the final count was tallied up..and Penelope was a proud participant of a Guiness World Record!

As you recall, Penelope and I participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012 in April. I've been told that each participant will be getting an official certificate from Guinness. Something fun to save in the baby book :)

Last year's record was 5026 participants,  and the new record is posted at 8251! When you think about how big of an impact cloth diapers can make, that's a big deal!
-The average disposable costs 25 cents, $2062.75 was saved that day!
-Estimate that the average disposable can hold as much as 7 pounds of waste (ew!), 57,757 pounds was saved from the land fill.

One day. Imagine that each of these 8251 babies were to be cloth diapered even 50% of the time, or just swapped 3 disposable diapers for cloth (Change 3 things) each day. What an impact environmentally and financially.


  1. That is awesome! I wanted to go so bad but I had no one to watch my 3 year old since my husband was at work. They did not allow extra adults or children in ours. :(

  2. WAy to go B! proud of ya and thankful!

  3. Yeah! So proud - and P is gonna look sassy when she finally fits that black and white BumGenius :)



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