Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Cloth Diapering Experience v2

This week marked a bittersweet end for me.... I packed away Penny's first cloth diapers. My little miss is movin' on up!
Washed and saved for baby #2..whenever that happens!

For the last few weeks we have been transitioning into Sunbaby pocket diapers. They are the same idea as BumGenius All In Ones (where they can be sized up as baby grows) except they are a tiny bit smaller when comparing both in their smallest settings. I was given a pack of 12 as a shower gift and so far have liked them a lot. They are economical and well made (and the couple problems that I've had with them have been taken care of quickly). The Sunbabys have unique prints and are constantly updating their inventory.

We continued to do our gdiaper with preemie prefold as an insert routine at the same time, but this weekend we were getting leaks with almost each change, which signaled to me that it's time to move on up. The preemie sized prefolds can still be used as insures in her bigger diapers, but for now they aren't really needed. So we are now adding the small sized fitted BumGenius diapers and my friend who is all done diapering her boys graciously passed her stash on to us as well, which includes fitted Fuzzibunz and others.

The one downfall of the All In One style diapers is that you suffer from the very fluffy butt. The fitted diapers (small, med, large, etc) are a trimmer cut, but in many ways are a little impractical because then you have to buy each size, rather than just once. Luckily we have a mix so depending on the outfit we can choose between styles.
We have a big enough stash now that I can go close to a week and a half, maybe even 2 weeks, between washes! However, it's not a good idea to let dirty diapers sit in the pail for that long so I'm probably just going to divide the stash in half and give each portion a break every other week.  The more often you wash your pocket diapers (with the PUL/plasticy liner), the more it will break down. The goal is to have as many of these diapers last us through all of our children, so I'm in it for the long haul!


  1. I love my sunbaby diapers! I have a 18 months old, and I just sold all my least favorite diapers, and ones he out grew. but when hes potty trained I think I'm going to save what I have left, just in case i have another. I'm single and not planning on having more, but you never know!

  2. Just started cloth diapering and now that we're getting the hang of it I'm really loving them and will definitely be sad when little one is grown out of the cute diapers that we started off with.

  3. i love our sunbabys, their prints are adorable, great quality too.



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