Sunday, June 10, 2012

Things I hate that other people love

I saw this over at Delirious Rhapsody. If you want to play along write yours in my comments section, or post the link to your blog post! You can list as many or as few as you'd like.

1. Dr Seuss. I never liked the rhyming or the drawings. I do distinctly remember that One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish was the first book that I was able to read entirely on my own without practice, and in my little young mind I was dissapointed that it had to be a Dr. Seuss book..

2. Maple flavor. I don't like maple syrup or maple bars. However, in a pinch I've substituted maple syrup for brown sugar when I don't have any in the house and it has come out just fine.

3. Ground beef and hot dogs.  how un-American of me! Something about ground beef just repells me. I think it's just the overall disgust of most fast foods that has ruined ground beef for me, in addition to generally how unhealthy it is. Adam and I substitute ground turkey in any recipe that calls for ground beef (turkey tacos are amazing!).  Most people would also agree that hot dogs are one of those foods that taste good but you know that there's something sketchy about the meat. If I do have a hot dog, it's usually a legit Polish sausage (I'm not talking about the fake Costco kind, which is just a longer hot dog, I'm talking about one that comes from a butcher) or one of Aidell's chicken sausages.

4. Reality TV.  no reasoning needed.

5. Holiday scented candles, specifically "spice," "Christmas tree," and cinnamon.  Each of these things in real life are great, but the fake manufactured scent (even Yankee Candle's, which they normally do a decent job at recreating scents, is horrid)

6. That guy from Lord of the Rings... Viggo Mortensen. Not as attractive as they market him as, and I haven't seen a movie yet that I like him in.

7. French fries. Probably another food ruined by McDonald's. Waffle fries are a different story.

8. Coach purses Yep, I'm a hypocrite because I happen to have a Coach bag that I do in fact love. However, the quality of these bags is terrible! The leather wears too quickly (hah, mainly because not all of the leather parts are real leather!) and the interior tears at the slightest effort. They are trendy, yes, but the quality does not account for the price tag!!


  1. i don't understand the obsession of expensive purses in general. and i completely agree about holiday scented candles!

    1. I just wish that if they are going to charge so much for them, that at least they could be made out of quality material! But being a new mama, my diaper bag is my new purse, and I've found that to be good quality so far (it's a Lassig).

  2. I hate hotdogs too - yuck! But, the aidell's chicken sausages are totally the best!!! Costco even gets them sometimes. Apple chicken is my fave!

    1. yum! We tried their mango jalapeno sausage the other week - Cajun spiced shrimp, mango-jala sausage, corn on the cob and baby red potato skewers. A-maze-ing!

  3. After working at Comiskey Park one summer and all we could eat were hot dogs or polish dogs (decent ones) from nasty water...and having to dump all the old dogs and their water out from the suites - I totally understand that one.

    Dislike your dislike of Viggo! ;-)

    And, try making your own ground beef - use chuck roast and a kitchen aid mixer (with grinder attachment) or a food processor. :-) Then you know there's no pink slime. Have you watched Food, Inc?

    1. Lol, dirty water hot dogs!! I had an ex-boyfriend who's mom is a NYC native, and all she could talk about was how delicious dirty water hot dogs are. When I finally visited NYC with my dad, I insisted that we try them - but he refused. Probably a good call on that one.



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