Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 13

This week Penny has started to hold her head up a lot higher and for longer periods of time during tummy time.  She's rolled over several times, we're just working on consistency and stamina.

She's also super aware and tracking all the different hanging toys.

I always thought it was cliche when parents would say this, but it's so amazing to watch the world through her eyes. Things we take for granted, something as simple as holding on to objects, is so new to her. I am so honored to get to watch and encourage her as she accomplishes all these feats!

This weekend we went up to visit with Adam's family and had a family dinner on Saturday.  The grandparents and Aunt Jenne hadn't seen her since she was about a month - month and a half old, Uncle Frank got to meet her for the first time. We also have 2 nephews, Frankie who just turned one and Jack who will be one in a couple months, and it's been so fun getting to see what is in store for us. One thing to note is that these nephews are very much BOYS so I'm hoping Penelope will not be raising nearly as much hell as these two guys are ;)

With oldest cousin Pammy, who will be 5 years old in July.

It was also our dear friends' daughter's first birthay party today. Little Mia had a tea party themed birthday and it was so sweet! Her mama brought out great-grandma's fine porcelain tea cups and made cucumber sandwiches (crustless, of course!), meatloaf cupcakes (cute idea), tea cookies and more.   
At Mia's party

A darling tea service! The Queen herself would be proud!
Also, here's a fun little gem - I inadvertently packed the same shirt Penelope had worn the last time we visited up here, so I took the opportunity and snapped a picture in the same corner of the couch :) At 6 weeks, I had precariously propped Penny (can I fit in anymore p's?) and took the picture just as she was sliding over. At 13 weeks, she's very happily leaning back and clutching her hands together at her chest and bringing them to her mouth (a new skill this week). So cute to see the difference in 7 weeks! Unfortunately, in 7 weeks that shirt will not be fitting her again.. but maybe I'll find something similar?

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