Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happy (late) Halloween everyone!-

Here's Lil' P in her very first Halloween costume - an octopus. Her costume was super easy.. stuffed Baby Legs (another Seattle owned company!) and socks, a long sleeved onesie and a felt hat that I sewed for the occasion.  I originally was planning on making her a pierogie costume, but I eventually decided that no one would get many another year ;) I already have next year's costume in the memory bank though.

Halloween was pretty uneventful.. as in, really uneventful. We didn't have a single trick or Penny didn't even get to show off her costume to anyone! Thank goodness for picture texting and digital cameras because otherwise this entire event would have gone undocumented.

Penny's costume is a simple long sleeved onesie, an octopus head felt hat with eyes glued on and a skirt of Babylegs. I attached the legs to a ribbon waistband and tied it around her cute tubby tummy.

After all that playing around and dressing up,
our princess was close to turning into a pumpkin
so we called it a night.

We also did a pumpkin photo shoot a few weeks ago.. My husband is beginning to wonder why I love taking pictures of our daughter naked.. and my response is that this is the very short period of time in her life where it is appropriate and cute :) I just love her chubby rolls!

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