Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Kia, My Life Stage: Go forth and propagate mode

Let's face it: I'm in "go big or go home" mode.

As a family of five - two parents, one child and two large-ish dogs, we've got a hefty list of requirements when it comes to the family hauler. Our current family car gets us where we need to be on the daily (and most weekends), but...spoiler alert: we plan to have more kids (no, I'm not pregnant currently). We need room to grow!

I suppose you can say that our tipping point are the dogs and cargo space, because most cars and cross overs can easily fit parents plus two kids. Our current ride works for our daily requirements, like play dates or trips to the grocery store because I don't bring both of our dogs with us everywhere. But the truth is that we are a family on the move all the time.  We spend less than 25% of our weekends at home. We're very close with both sides of our family and do love our fair share of road tripping and camping. So when we upgrade to our next car, it's going to have to accommodate additional kids and the ability to pack us all up for our trips (of all kinds). That's a little bit of a tall order, isn't it?

When looking at the options available to us, minivans have come up. Sure, you won't see me mudding it though off road trails, but oh the ease of access! Sliding doors, captain seating, features built in with busy moms in mind. How can one not take a look at "the dark side"?

Out of the major minivan competitors, the Kia Sedona comes at the most affordable base price. It features seating for 7 with removable seating for when the hubs decides to take it to the hardware store. 
Kia's website
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