Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finalizing being 3 - Our visit to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Becoming a second time mom has put me through a lot of emotions lately. I'm so excited to meet Ruby; to hold in my arms this little being that I've held inside of me for the last 8 months. I'm wildly anticipating how this experience will be different and the same as the first time was with Penny. I'm also thoughtfully embracing these last few weeks we have together as just us three - Adam, Penny and I - before we become four.

As many of you know, we're project oriented around here. Renovations, car projects and new ideas sprinkled here and there are just how we are. We very rarely stay still. I should rephrase that and say that my husband rarely stays still; he always has at least one project currently in the works. His skills and knowledge have really been the key element in why we've been a successful single income family for two years. But too much of one thing is never a good thing; and so one of my main roles in our relationship is teaching him how to slow down and enjoy the moment. :)

With the weeks drawing to a close before Ruby's arrival, we've taken a few very precious breaks from our busy work to create memories of just the three of us having fun. Recently we visited our local zoo & aquarium combo - The Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. I grew up going on field trips there and it was really interesting seeing how much has changed but also stayed the same since the last time I had been there over 15 years ago.

She loved looking at the fish tanks. She learned all about the different colored fish and was especially impressed by their sharks.

Visiting the walrus exhibit was my favorite part. I grew up in the area and one of the field trips you can count on every year was going out to the Aquarium. They used to keep beluga whales as well, but that program ended in the early 2000's I believe. All the same to me, after seeing Black Fish I don't think I will ever view zoos or aquariums the same way ever again. Nonetheless, it was so amazing to share this experience with my daughter as it is one of the most vivid memories I have of being a little kid.

This experience made such an impact on Penny and I'm so glad we did it. Every night she wishes good night to each of the animals she saw - "Shark? Nigh-night. Seal? Nigh-night. Biiiig feeesh? Nigh-night..." and then she launches into how much she loves each one - "Wev (love) shark. Wev seal. Wev fish." And of course we always sneak in a "do you love mama/daddy too?" and she responds, thoughtfully, "wev shark. Wev mama. Wev daddy. Wev Wurt (Squirt)."

Our time as three is drawing to a close, but even the twinge of sadness that comes with change I'm so excited for the possibility of the new. I know that in a few short months that both Penny and Ruby will be running around, causing trouble and melting my heart with their cuteness that only two sisters can do.

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  1. When are you due? I'm due March 21st and very nervous about a little one around my sometimes clingy three year old. I think she will be a good big sister, but I'm terrified of her feeling left out.

    1. Diana, my official due date is 3/4 but I've got a strong feeling I'll deliver at the end of February! I have worries about Penny too, she and I are very close. Good luck to you and your precious family!

  2. Awww! Im preggo with our 7th..yes 7th! Not expected and still at 25 weeks im in shock. Its something how we adapt so easily, so fast whennour new ones are home. Things just seem natural. Im sure you all will feel the same way. Good luck with your labor- i hope its as fain free as i pray mine will be! hahs

  3. It can be a huge adjustment. When I had my second baby, my oldest was 19 months old. He had a difficult time adjusting but you make it work as a family. Before you know it, it will be as if the newer child has been part of the family the whole time. I just gave birth to my third baby 4 days ago. It has been much easier this time around but there is still quite a bit of change.

    Erin K. (

    1. Erin, congratulations! I hope that I can make it as seamless as you make it sound ;)

  4. I wrote a very similar post about my 3rd (second boy) and the feelings around not having my little man anymore. It is amazing how you heart doubles it's capacity and watching your little ones together is amazing.



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