Monday, February 24, 2014

You want a true picture of a man, see him through his daughter's eyes.

Did anyone catch the recent episode of The Crazy Ones?

This is one of the couple shows that we DVR and watch in the evenings after Penny goes to bed. Last night we caught up with an episode that aired recently and it pretty much brought tears to my eyes.

To watch my husband grow with our daughter over the last two years has been life altering. There is nothing in this world to see how a daddy dotes on his little girl. So many people tell us about what trouble we're in for in having two little girls two years apart, but I can't be more ecstatic. I'm so excited about the relationship they will have with each other, as I didn't have a sister growing up. What really pulls my heartstrings is knowing just how much Adam loves Penny and how much deeper that will be when we have our second little girl in the coming weeks.

Penny's love for her daddy is also evident. The way she lights up when he comes home from work, running and screaming for the door as soon as she hears that key slide into the keyhole. The way she sweetly kisses him in the mornings when we all wake up together. The way she asks "Daddy home soon?" at least half a dozen times a day. When she says "up, please?" and he always responds "Daddy will always pick you up," and her little hands stretch out even higher to get caught sooner. Theirs is a bond like no other, and I love watching it grow each passing day.


  1. Aw, I totally agree! My little girl is 16 months old, and when she hears someone at the door she goes RUNNING for it yelling, "DADA!" :) (Which is adorable when he has come home from work, NOT so adorable when it's a solicitor or delivery man at the door, and I have to explain that Daddy is still at work!) :)



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