Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blogger Spotlight: Maman Loup

Today I'd love to introduce you to Lindsay, the mama behind Maman Loup's Den. She's become one of my favorite new blogs to check out on the daily and I hope you enjoy her writing as much as I do! 

Maman Loup means Mommy Wolf in French. (The “p” is silent, sounds like “Mama Loo.”) Why the 
language lesson? Well, because it’s all thanks to my passion for languages that I came to meet my 
husband while on exchange in Montreal, Quebec, and how I wound up moving here and raising our son
in this beautiful, bilingual city in eastern Canada. 

The wolf has always been my husband’s totem, and when I was pregnant with our son we called him 
“Wolfie.” We decided to make his middle name “Wolf,” so the motif for my blog is a pretty natural one.
Funnily enough, our family pets are not, in fact, of the canine variety: we’re all about cats!

I’ve been called a Green Queen, Militant Greenie and Recycling B*tch. I’m pretty intense when it comes 
to the environment, and I think my devotion has increased exponentially since becoming a Mom. If 
those nicknames don’t give you a hint, I like to share ways for others to follow suit. When I realized that 
my head was about to explode with all my ideas about how to make greener parenting choices and 
save money at the same time, I knew I had to start blogging. I like to think that my blog is about ECO-
parenting: ECOlogical and ECOnomical. 

I’m obsessed with cloth diapers, but I’ve expanded my blogging to other topics including making my own 
beauty products, thrifting and reflections on parenting in general. I like to dispense my green advice with a 
sense of humour! 

My 3 favourite blog posts are:
My exposé on false advertising at
My musings on cloth diaper “safe” detergent and other cloth-washing recommendations
My post about using homemade shampoo 

I like to dispense advice on my blog, but I like to frame it in such a way that my readers know that I am 
only speaking from my own experiences as a new mom. What works for our family might not work for 
yours. My hope is that the research I put into my posts and my candid approach can be useful to other 
Moms trying to strike a balance between budget, baby and beyond. (Confession: I love alliteration.) 

The best advice that’s out there for any new Mom is find that oh-so-important Baby B: Balance. Avoid 
comparing yourself to other Moms and do what works best for you and your family. Trust yourself. You 
really do know what’s best! (I don’t always follow this advice, but I try!) 

Lindsay lives in Montreal with her toddler, husband and two cats. She is a high school language teacher 
and translator turned SAHM-Blogger.

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  1. It's great to know about other blogs out there! There's so many--it's hard to know where the good ones are!



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