Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Pierogie Babies: 40 weeks - where's my kid? & someone turns 2


Well, here we are at full term and I am shocked - no baby. I had Penny at exactly 39 weeks and for this entire pregnancy I was positive that I'd have Ruby on the same week. Well, 39 came and went without anything to write home about. It feels so weird to wait on a baby, because as Penny's birth story went, we were caught by surprise when she was born. I was expecting to go over 40 weeks with Penny and so I never had that anticipation feeling. This time I set myself up and was expecting an early baby so I've been on watch since 38 weeks - I would have never imagined still being pregnant 2 weeks later! 

So this girl continues to bake away and although I'm just ready to hold her in my arms, I count my blessings. I'm not in any extraordinary amounts of discomfort. My hips ache but a good chiropractic adjustment this week did the trick. My stomach skin feels stretched and itchy; but no stretch marks and my regimen of organic coconut oil during the day and having hubby rub down the belly with Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve in the evenings has kept my skin nice and soft. Penny got to keep her birthday as her own. Ruby's due date was 3/4 and Penny's birthday is 3/3 so there was a chance for them to share a birthday. It didn't happen and we got to celebrate in a small, special way. I feel pretty prepared for this baby to come. The cloth diaper laundry is kept up on, I have lots of extra food stored in the freezer, our birth bag is in the car and I have labor food at the ready in the fridge. The blessings keep pouring in but one little blessing in particular is taking her sweet time and I just have to be patient and let her come when she is ready! :)
My big girl turned 2 on Monday but we kept it pretty quiet. Her paternal grandparents came over for dinner and cake on Sunday. We are postponing her big, fun birthday party until mid April and piggybacking a "meet the baby" event along with it.

When I remind myself about where we were 2 weeks ago in my last Pierogie Babies update, I'm again impressed at just how quickly children grow and change. Penny seems to have a good grasp on the concept of "turns" (even though she doesn't always agree with them) and is transitioning to consistently saying "please" and "thank you" rather than signing them. She working on 3 and sometimes 4 word sentences and surprises me daily with things that she picks up on. We were visiting a cousin yesterday and she pulled out a Finding Nemo book and asks me to read the Nemo book...but I haven't introduced her to Nemo yet. How did she know this? She's also become much more social at library time and at the bouncy house that we visit; which was a struggle until lately because of her shyness. We haven't been going to our MOPS group regularly due to battles with the crud or avoiding the crud so I'm not sure how she would do when she's put into a situation where I leave her but overall if she knows I'm around she appears to be totally fine leaving me and playing independently. That wasn't anywhere close to being an option 2 months ago, so I'm proud of her burgeoning courage and curiosity to play with other children.  


  1. she knows nimo from the book at our house and I watch the movie Finding Nimo last time she was here

  2. I knew Baby E was going to be late! Sure enough he was late, at 40 weeks, 6 days. I was fine up until he was 2 days late, and then I was getting impatient. I was not at all uncomfortable, just eager to meet my baby! I was really happy to find out on August 30th that my baby was on his way, and he was born the morning of the 31st! I'm glad that Ruby didn't decide to arrive on her big sister's birthday! I'm sure Ruby will be here soon. Fingers crossed that you don't have much longer to wait!

    p.s. You look gorgeous!!!

  3. Thank you Lalia! I sort of reached a point today where I just need to settle in. Natural induction methods only work if your body and your baby are ready. There's no rushing anything. So I will go to my midwife appointment this evening with this in mind and ultimately just enjoy these last few moments of our little family of 3 :)

  4. You look great and I cant wait to see your new little one! We have finding nemo and my daughter loves it! Even though I hate the part where he tells his dad he hates him! Ugh! :) Hope these next days go by and you enjoy your time with your family!

  5. Well, I'm betting this week will forever be your double birthday week for your 2 girls --- any day now! xoxo

  6. Lovely update. I'm so glad you're relatively comfortable. I know most moms would be pulling their hair out by now!

  7. They do sure grow fast. I still could not believe I already have a baby, 9 months after. Cherish every moment.



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