Thursday, April 3, 2014

NuRoo Pocket: Not Just a Babywearing Shirt

I introduced the NuRoo line and the benefits of kangaroo care a few weeks ago prior to Ruby's birth. I had learned about the NuRoo pocket when I saw another mom wearing her little one in it and just had to ask her about it. Since then I've had the chance to wear and snuggle my little Ruby while wearing the NuRoo pocket and I wanted to share my experience with you!

The NuRoo pocket comes across as a typical baby wearing shirt that helps mom keep her hands free; that's what appealed to me at first sight. I was going to be a 2nd time mom with a 2 year old running around my knees and needed all the help I can get! However I did a little bit of research and spoke with one of the creators, Hope Parish, about the science behind the design of the NuRoo pocket and learned there was just so much more to it than just being hands free.

The NuRoo pocket is made to be worn by mom and baby without anything between them (except for baby's diaper).  This promotes easy access for breastfeeding but also taps into the amazing, dare I say almost magical, powers of skin-to-skin care. Research shows that "Kangaroo Mother Care" (KMC) is beneficial for both mother and baby; by increasing the bonding effect between the pair and regulating breathing, heart rate and body temperature ("Kangaroo mother care" was in fact 'developed' initially to help hypothermic babies in Colombia). The extensive research of KMC has been adopted through many NICU units through out the world and is becoming the standard care in many hospitals, as opposed to separating the mother and child after birth.

These benefits have been shown to create miracles for preterm babies (most of us have heard a version of the story about a newborn who not given a great chance of survival, only to be revived after an hour on its mother's chest with her singing to it!) but it's a normal, everyday biological reaction that all children and their mothers can benefit from. It's also an instinctive response that many mothers feel with their children, but sometimes reasons beyond the mother's control force early separation (such as hospital policy or simply a doctor's recommendation and the mother's lack of education on the topic).

Many parents can personally attest to the healing powers of skin to skin care by the simple act of holding your child close, giving her kisses or stroking her back when she is sick, scared or hurt. I can't tell you how many times we've had a bump or a startled awake from a nap and just a plain old hug makes it all better. 

So that's a little science lesson for you today. Now on to how much we love our NuRoo Pocket :)
The NuRoo Pocket is designed to allow the mother and child to easily practice KMC. It's super easy to put on and focuses on the safety of the infant as well, as it features an interior pocket to support their legs and a belt to support their bottom and your back.

The shirt comes in fitted sizes but also leaves wiggle room to either tighten it up a little bit as you lose pregnancy weight or loosen it up as baby gets bigger. I would describe the material itself as very high quality, thick "UnderArmor" style fabric. It keeps me warm but also is very breathable. I love that in addition to this shirt being extremely functional it's also pretty fashionable. I've seen some babywearing shirts that look just plain ridiculous and this does not fall into that category.

When worn at home we practice the bare skin to skin contact, but in the event that I've gone out and wanted to wear Ruby close I just put on a nursing bra or tank underneath (this way my nursing pads can stay in place too).
The shirt comes with a support belt that you strap in under the baby's bottom. This helps raise the little one higher up onto your chest. Safe babywearing practice means keeping baby's head "close enough to kiss" and their face turned to the side for good breathing airways.

As far as sizing goes I'm wearing a medium shirt. I'm fairly average build and the pregnancy weight has been melting off quickly in the two weeks since Ruby's birth. The positioning of the velcro within the NuRoo pocket has worked out well in adjusting to my and Ruby's changing bodies. Ruby feels so close and snuggly to me and I prefer to wear her in it when I'm doing a lot of standing, grocery shopping or on a easy walk around the neighborhood.

The NuRoo pocket is now an essential item to my newborn phase with our babies. I wholeheartedly recommend this for any expecting mama or for someone who is looking for a baby shower gift.

You can find the whole line of NuRoo products 
direct from their website, on Amazon, or through their retailers

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for my review of the NuRoo Nursing Scarf and Swaddler!

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my honest review. I truly love our NuRoo pocket and I hope that my review helps another mama out! This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Wow, what an awesome product! Is it actually supportive enough for you to take your hands off baby?

    1. Madison, my daughter is 9 lbs and I have no worries about not having a hand on her to support. Granted, I'm not doing a lot of bending over while I wear this shirt. I prefer to wear it while standing or sitting. It is rated to 45 lbs but past a certain age I can imagine that most children wouldn't want to be worn in it.



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