Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wonderful Bambino Cloth Diaper Review

Two of my favorite things:

"Fluffy mail" (aka: cloth diapers that come in the mail)
Bamboo cloth diapers

We recently got to test out Wonderful Bambino fitted cloth diapers and I knew it'd be a hit simply because of the wonderful bamboo!  I had the opportunity to try these on our toddler, Penny, who is about 23 lbs and 25 months old. Yea, she's a little lady. But we love her that way :)

I'm a little new with fitted diapers; typically I like pockets or AI2s. But my love for bamboo material in cloth diapers over ruled my preference for the other styles. A fitted diaper looks a lot like a disposable diaper (in shape) and can be made with a variety of materials. It always requires a diaper cover because it has no waterproof material. They are a nice addition to any stash because they hold a lot of liquid but also wash/dry quickly.

Wonderful Bambino diapers are made of 100% bamboo material and are so absorbent. I've really developed a love for bamboo once Penny reached toddlerhood and although she wets diapers less often I found that the microfiber diapers that we had were leaking. After removing determining that the diapers didn't need to be stripped and that the fit was correct, I found that instead of the constant gentle trickle of pee that comes from babes, she pees less frequently but with more..force. Kind of like an adult. So the nature of microfiber just couldn't keep up with it, I guess. Bamboo has been our saving grace!

The Wonderful Bambino fitted diaper is rated for 12-40 lbs. Penny is currently 23 lbs and I find that it's a great fit on her. In addition to having nice stretchy elastic around the legs and across the back for a snug fit, the Wonderful Bambino diaper features 4 rows of rise snaps (most other one size diapers only have 3!). Ruby is about 11.5 lbs at 7 weeks, and although I know I can adjust the snaps to fit her, I would hesitate putting her into it just yet because of the amount of super fluff we'd have on our hands. Wonderful Bambino also has additional 4 layer bamboo inserts that you can lay down into the diaper for extra absorbency...I am SO happy that I don't have that much of a heavy wetter!

If you're new to bamboo, prepping bamboo diapers is different than synthetic fibers. Bamboo needs to be washed multiple times to help clear out the natural oils present in the material. The more you wash it, the softer and more absorbent it is. When prepping bamboo, I run it through a hot wash and dry cycle at a minimum of 5 times. This can take a while if you only do it with cloth diaper laundry, but I use the same cloth diaper safe detergent on our clothes so that helps cut down my prep time.

We have tried several covers with this diaper and have found that most one-size covers fit it just fine. We have had great success with Buttons diaper covers and Flips.

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