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Kids II Oball™ Obounce Activity Center™ Review

Hey y'all, I want to introduce someone who will be making special appearances on The Pierogie Mama every once in a while.. Sarah! She's the lovely mama of the adorable Laura, whom Penny absolutely adores. Because Miss L is in middle age gap between Penny and Ruby, every once in a while Sarah will be helping me out by sharing reviews for products that are either too old for Ruby or too young for Penny. You can see Laura's first appearance on my recent Buttons Diapers review, and Sarah's hands modeled the S'Nookie last summer! 
So read on for her inaugural review on The Pierogie Mama of the 
Kids II Oball Obounce Activity Center!

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share my review of this activity center with you today. My daughter, Laura, started using this activity center at about 6 months and 14 lbs. She's now 10 months and 17.5 lbs and although she is starting to crawl, she still goes back to it to play some more. Overall, she has liked it the whole time, but for varying lengths of being in it. She has a pretty long attention span, but for a period from 8-9 months or so she would only be happy in it for a few minutes. From 6-8 and 9-10 months she has tolerated it for a longer period of time each time she is in it. 

The Oball Obounce features a variety of toys that will appeal to a child at varying levels of development. They are brightly colored, easy to clean (the toys are made of 
plastic to wipe down and the cloth cover can go in washer/dryer), and there are a couple hooks to add more toys as you see fit.

The platform is adjustable in height, and she is still on the highest (shortest) setting but we will be moving it down soon. The platform is textured which helps those cute sweaty baby toes keep traction as they bounce around or twist to play with the toys, as the seat can swivel 360 degrees to allow the child to play with each toy. It also has a 
music feature, which you can turn off, control the volume and choose from 3 different song tracks.

We recently traveled and brought the Obounce with us. We like that it comes apart easily for storage/travel, although it still takes up quite a bit of space. Even with being taken apart and moved around, we like that it was still very sturdy, is good quality and can withstand being dissembled and reassembled many times.

With all of these great points, I did find a few features that could use a bit of re-design. The activity center does take up quite a bit of floor space (and trunk space when traveling). The light features are somewhat cheesy (weird flashes under the Oball toy) - but the baby loves that! The animal stationary toys are very stiff, so when she was smaller she couldn't pull them toward her to chew on and seemed somewhat pointless without her being able to put them in her mouth. Though the cloth seat cover is removable and washable (which I love), it was very difficult putting it back on the first time. But once I had done it that first time I was able to do it easier the next time.

Overall it's been a great toy for Laura and we've loved watching her grow with it!

Check out my full video review!

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Disclosure: Thank you Kids II for providing an Oball Obounce Activity Center for my review. No other compensation was provided. All opinons expressed are my own.

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  1. I love oball! This looks pretty awesome, especially when compared to other activity centers like it!



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