Monday, July 28, 2014

Mom Voyage

I participated in a Blog Blast on behalf of Mom Central for Urbini. I received information from Urbini to facilitate my post as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Do you find yourself reading more books or online resources as a mother or during pregnancy? For my first pregnancy, I read a handful of books (focusing on Ina May's accounts and natural birth) but once my first daughter arrived and afterwards...shoot, ain't nobody got time for that! I found myself preferring websites and blogs for reading material because my iPad and phone were always handy during our marathon nursing sessions. It was through these online resources that I began to realize that if one looks, it's not hard to find a community (even different communities) of moms who share my interests and goals. The wonder of the internet has brought all of us together and you can quickly ask other moms breastfeeding questions throughout the night via the LLL forums, research a weird rash (of course, never completely relying Dr. Google) and even yesterday I got an answer within a few minutes when I posted in  my local mom's facebook group where I can find cheap stickers in town. It's not hard to find a niche to fit into, where we can easily support and encourage each other in our journeys. Mama tribes, they're called. T

hen I also took the step to instead of simply being a listener in these communities to building my own...The Pierogie Mama. I hope that your place here has given you support, encouragement and maybe you've learned something new along the way. 

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Mom Voy√°ge is a community of Mom bloggers sharing their experiences in motherhood from all around the world. You can read blog articles written by mothers from the Netherlands, France, Britain, Holland, Japan, China and Australia as well as the US. Articles include how different cultures name their babies, how they celebrate pregnancies, thoughts on maternity leave, and many other Mom-inspired topics.

Mom Voyage is a part of Urbini, a stroller and car seat company. 
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