Friday, August 29, 2014

Stargazer Soaps Purely Natural Oatmeal Milk and Honey

Did you child have cradle cap after birth? Cradle cap is defined as:
  1. a skin condition sometimes seen in babies caused by excessive production of sebum, characterized by areas of yellowish or brownish scales on the top of the head. (thanks Google)
I was kind of waiting for it to go away on its own and I was pretty good about rubbing coconut oil on it about once a day. I was expecting that to work; coconut oil is sort of my wonder treatment and it's worked for every other skin ailment we've ever had. Four months passed by, and instead of getting better it was getting worse. I never took a dedicated picture of it, but there were moments where her fontanel was almost all covered in a fairly thick, quickly growing scab.  

I was talking to Nicole, the owner of Stargazer Soaps, about this and she recommended her Purely Natural Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap bar. Using locally sourced goats milk and honey, and ever so soothing oatmeal, I knew I'd have to give this a shot.

Ruby is now coming on six months and her thick scabs are long gone. She is still working through very thin, almost freckle-like pieces but they are quickly healing up. I suspect in the next month it will be completely gone!

This soap is wonderfully mild and perfect for anyone with skin issues or for little babies. I have used it on both of my daughers this summer and not only has it helped with the cradle cap, it's also kept Penny's skin nice and soft after many fun filled days outdoors.

Nicole started making her own soaps as a response to her own family's reactions to commercial soaps, including a daughter who had eczema. You can read more about Nicole's journey to creating her own line of beautiful soaps and also purchase them online. Pierogie Mama readers also get 20% off their order with the code PIER10!

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  1. We were lucky - no cradle cap for us! My son does get these little rashes so I am trying to use more natural products. Poor thing! That sounds awful. Glad the soap has helped. :)

  2. My daughter had cradle cap as an infant and this would have been great to use on it! I will have to remember this the next time around :)

  3. Oooo! I love oatmeal, milk and honey soaps! They are the best! Wish I could stock up on some of this now. Maybe soon! Thank you for the 20% off code!

  4. wow that soap sounds amazing especially if you used it on a 6mo!



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