Friday, January 30, 2015

Catch The Moment Week 4

Nurse Loves Farmer

This week was harsh. Upon our return from our family Whistler weekend, the girls came down with the crud that's being passed around to everyone. Finally on the day that they seemed to turn a corner I came down with a 24 hour stomach virus. THANKFULLY just 24 hours, because as you all know.. mama ain't got time to lay on the couch. To end the week in a grand finale, the husband has started to feel crummy too so let's just say that not only was there not much photography happening, you guys wouldn't really want to see what's going on at my house anyways. But here's the parts that were caught.

I love the journey of babyled weaning. My 10 month old will eat almost anything that you put in front of her, and sometimes only in a certain combination. Somehow vanilla greek yogurt was exactly what my butternut squash risotto was missing...

My husband turned 30! He tried to put on a brave face but I know that it's crawled under his skin a little bit ;) But hey, many people say that their 30's were the best decade of their life!

The following day was where I pulled out the big guns to help kick the cold that was percolating in our house. We had already gone through essential oil protocols, resorted to a few cough medicines, steam baths, you name it. I woke up early on Saturday morning and started making my family's traditional Polish chicken noodle soup - Rosół.  Rosół is ingrained in my heritage and the cure for all that ails you. Truth be told, everyone sipped it right up and we all started to get on the mend. 

 The following day was the birthday celebration with my in-laws, and we asked for a date day before the festivities. We hadn't seen a movie together since a few days before Penny was born and I have been really wanting to see American Sniper. This was the first movie I had seen about the war in Iraq, and with several military service members (include one who had served in Iraq) in my family I felt it was one I needed to see. Learning about Chris Kyle's story put a face on what our soldiers experience across the world. I have heard first hand stories and read news articles but perhaps this was more eye opening than any other way it had been presented to me before. The patriotism of this hero is inspiring and I wish I had been aware of his story before his passing.

Now, the tag for the name, 'Merica,' is because I seriously didn't realize just how big Coke cups are these days! I took the picture and posted it to instagram before heading into the movie. I guess I've been outside of the "real world" for such a long time that I didn't know that there are touch screen vending machines and cups the size of my head.

 I unearthed a final Kinder egg that was sent in our Christmas package from my parents in Germany.. it's like an ostrich Kinder egg!
I babywear all day every day, primarily in a soft structured carrier. I keep the Boba 4g in the car and the original Ergo at home. It's a work horse. It's comfortable but I wouldn't call it super snuggly. During these sick days, I decided to test out our Boba Wrap because the soft stretch sweatshirt material was comfy for both of us. It encouraged me to move slowly or to lay down and rest more often. Review will be up next week :)

Finally! The colds are over for the girls and my happy squishy baby has returned!

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  1. What cuties. It seems like the colds are really bad this year. I know we have had our fair share. No fun



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