Friday, January 9, 2015

Catch the moment 365: Week 1

Nurse Loves Farmer

Welcome to my first try at a picture challenge! I will be taking a photo a day (well, ideally..) and posting it daily on my instagram account (#pierogie365) and weekly on the blog.

This week I just didn't have it together. I'm working out the kinks. Instead of just finding a random moment of my day and take a picture of it, I'll be starting to look for inspirations and themes. 

Another viewing of Frozen.

The girls have been taking baths together for a couple months now 
and it's so adorable seeing them play together. 

Couldn't help but snap this picture. Matching tutu dresses and fox leggings from DoodlePants (get 15% off with code PIEROGIE15)

Stay tuned for next week and I promise that the photos will be less blurry and more consistent!

Catch up on previous weeks: 
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