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Why Is Supporting Cancer Research Important to Me? Eunice's Story

At the start of July I made the commitment to raise $500 to benefit cancer research through the Jimmy Fund Walk and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. In less than 5 weeks I had exceeded my goal and am now on the way to raise an additional $250 (bringing the total goal up to $750)! Fundraising for Jimmy Fund Walk has been a personal journey as my own dad was treated for cancer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and I'm honored when a few of my friends stepped up to share their story on why supporting cancer research is important to them. Today I am honored to welcome Eunice as she shares about her relationship with her father-in-law and the alternative treatments that he explored, just like my dad did. Eunice is the owner of Just Between Friends of Everett/Monroe, a local consignment event for kids and maternity - keep an eye out in the coming weeks for an announcement for their upcoming fall sale! We are still looking for donations to reach our new and improved goal - 
please consider pledging $5 or more! Donate here

My life was touched by cancer through my father-in-law, Diony V. Corsilles. I was fortunate enough to know him fairly early in my life - when I was 18 years old when my husband and I were freshman in college and just started dating. He was a very compassionate man who had spent his life advocating for the rights of others through his work for the state and I was immediately embraced by him. He eventually became a father to me as well as our relationship grew.

My father-in-law was initially diagnosed with liver cancer while my husband was studying to become a Naturopathic Physician at Bastyr University. Although he had surgery to remove the cancerous portions of his liver, the cancer returned shortly after and then spread throughout his body. His Oncologist gave him only a 2-3 months prognosis with no real treatment options except for pain medications to help with his comfort as the cancer progressed. During his studies, my husband learned about the benefits of natural medicine and encouraged my father-in-law to apply these treatment options to his treatment plan.

My father-in-law sought additional care from a Chinese Medicine Doctor and a Naturopathic Physician. He drank soups made from Chinese herbs, freshly juiced organic fruits and vegetables daily to support his liver and immune system, and took supplements which slowed his cancer progression and relieved his pain from it. The simple act of helping him feel better emotionally and physically through these treatments gave him the hope and strength to continue on. Because of these "non-traditional" forms of treatment, his life was extended for another two and a half years compared to the 2-3 month prognosis he was originally given. This allowed our family the much valued time to spend with him before his passing almost exactly 14 years ago (August 21, 2001) and helped us all find closure.

In addition to my work with families through Just Between Friends of Everett/Monroe, I work in the healthcare industry as a Physical Therapist and have worked with many cancer patients to regain their strength to return home after receiving treatment in the hospital. The traditional cancer treatments of radiation and chemotherapy are so hard on patients and many suffer more from the side effects of the treatments than from the actual cancer. I can see a practical application of natural/holistic cancer care for patients and the need for more research in this area. Many of my patients have shared their stories with me over the years and I feel it's important for me to continue to share these inspiring stories to bring hope and healing to others as well as support cancer research to prevent other families from having to go through this unfortunate process. There is so much fear around the topic of cancer and the more we can share and learn, the less fearful and uncertain this disease will be.

A couple times a year you'll find Eunice heading up my favorite shopping events - Just Between Friends! With event locations in both Everett and my town of Monroe, you can shop for everything under the sun for birth through teens and maternity for mama. The Pierogie Mama + JBF Everett/Monroe are like peanut butter and jelly, so keep an eye out in a couple weeks for a pre-sale passes and JBF bucks giveaway! In the meantime, get to know Eunice a bit better by reading my 


  1. Thank you for sharing your story and raising awareness.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story!! I think we all have our cancer stories now!! It so sad but so true!! Its everywhere and touching everyone's lives!! One day there will be a cure!!!



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