Friday, August 14, 2015

Preparing your home for BTS with Walmart

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August is half way done and the back to school buzz is already in over drive. Many of Penny's friends are starting their first year of preschool and while we opted to wait a year, the excitement is in full force. It's what all the moms are talking about!

Even though we won't be headed to class in September, we are preparing our home for that fresh season of BTS. We will still be seeing our friends at home or at play dates, so why not take advantage of the great home, office and craft deals at Walmart?!

So a couple things that we made sure to pick up:
Kleenex: Any teacher will tell you that back to school time means the yucks are going to be passed around quickly and mercilessly. I like to keep a few extra boxes (with a friendly sanitizer bottle right next to it) tucked in the bathroom, on a end table and in the bedrooms just in case when company comes.

After school snacks: anything ranging from the nostalgic fresh apples with peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies, ants on a log, string cheese to the very versatile tortilla roll ups with your choice of hummus, PBJ, just J or salami and cheese.

Prep-ahead meals: I know, but you're so busy with Back To School shopping, so how can you possibly think to actually prep ahead your meals? For starters, it's awesome that Walmart is one-stop-shop for ALL the BTS necessities, so you'll be saving loads of time right there. Later, when you're planning ahead on meals for the week, double the recipe and immediately prep one portion to go into the freezer. There, see? You've already saved even more time.

Toilet paper: Yup, it's a necessity. So just stock up on Scott Extra Soft Double Bath Tissue and take advantage of double Box Tops for Education. That's what I got!

Crafts: I tried to think ahead for all the crafts and coloring that we'd be doing this year so I picked up a ton of Crayola products, Dry Erase, Frozen note books and water coloring trays.

Bonus: Walmart has tons of products that include Box Tops for Education coupons (some are even double points!), which helps give back to our local schools. It makes sense to start supporting them early, since Penny will be in school next year.

That's how I prepped for Back To School like a boss...even though we won't actually be going back to school!

What are your must-have Back To School essentials?

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  1. One of my favorite pasttimes is back to school shopping!! I loved all the brand new fresh materials and notebooks!! We don't go yet for my son but I can't wait to!! I have a couple years yet lol!!



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