Saturday, April 30, 2016

What will you find at the Just Between Friends of Marysville - Mount Vernon Spring Sale?

Yesterday was the first day of the Just Between Friends of Marysville - Mount Vernon sale! It was also kind of a special day because we also got the keys to our new house in Skagit County - I'm also excited to share about that with you soon!

The JBF Marysville - Mount Vernon Spring Sale is this weekend at the Skagit County Fairgrounds! I have three very good reasons to love JBF,

As I was shopping, I played a little game with myself. I looked through the sizes of clothes that we needed - picked out anything that caught my eye. I went through the gear and toys as well. At the end, I took a look at all of my stuff and estimated - how much is this for retail prices AND my guess for JBF prices. You see, I've been shopping at JBF sales for 4 years, and consigning for the last year, so I have an idea of what to expect for what to pay for an item at a JBF sale.

What are your guesses for all of these items? I'll post the answer at the bottom of the post!

But first - here's a recap of all the stuff that I left behind for you ;)

At every JBF sale you can expect to find the same categories of items - girls and boys sizes from preemie through most big kid sizes with corresponding shoe sizes. There's also usually a good selection of maternity and nursing gear. The toys are also categorized into sections like Little People, Sesame Street, baby, Super Heroes, Lego, Princess, farm and more. There is a wide array of books - from board books to teens, parenting and movies too! Consignors also bring in their gear like strollers, baby wearing carriers, diaper bags, high chairs, pack n plays, children's furniture and car seats. Each item is inspected, and if it has a recall on it (such as a Bumbo or car seat), the onsite JBF recall specialist makes sure that the item has the recall's fix done before it can be sold.

Ok - so did you guess what I had paid on all of those items above?

Estimated Retail Value: $146.96 (based on a google search on exact or similar items)
What I paid at Just Between Friends Marysville - Mount Vernon: $88.07!!

So what kind of deals are you going to find at JBF this weekend? Here's the details!!

The JBF Marysville - Mount Vernon 

April 29 - May 1, 2016 

Skagit County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon, WA

Also! Did you know that you can 
(from Enchanting Events; whom I really love!)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Just Between Friends of Marysville - Mount Vernon. All opinions are my own! I can't tell you HOW MUCH I love working with JBF and I hope you can find some amazing deals too!


  1. Awesome savings!! I do love those kinds of group sales. Your guaranteed to find the things you need verses going garage saling where you spend hours and may find nothing.

  2. We have one in my area and I cannot wait until its time to go!! We always have some AMAZING deals!!

  3. What great items. I'm always looking for ways to save money. Love this!

  4. Looks like you go a lot of great stuff for a really good deal!

  5. Awesome deals! What a shame I don't live close enough to visit! Thanks for sharing!

  6. wow such great deals! I always get my kids a lot of unique toys, and clothes at similar sales here!



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