Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Pierogie Peepers vol 1.

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Almost 2 months ago, my husband and I moved our family about an hour north to beautiful Skagit County (Washington) where we get to live in the home of our dreams. It was the house we had prayed for and now we get to realize our dream!

As many of you know, I am also a chicken mama and have had a small flock of backyard hens for almost 3 years. Once we moved to our new house and were no longer constrained by city regulations, I went a little chicken crazy. Just a little. We went from 7 hens to double that in a very short amount of time. That term is called "chicken math."

Say hello to the 11 + 3 Pierogie Peepers! We call them 11 + 3 because I've got 11 chicks and 3 turkey poults (the word for baby turkeys).

These guys are quickly growing and the super cute chick phase was short lived. But I had some fun while they were cute and fuzzy!

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But adolescence is rarely cute on any creature and that's kind of where we are at right now.  Almost immediately baby chicks start to lose their fuzzy baby down and grow in their feathers. We are in a middle stage where just a little bit of down remains.

Out of all of the Peepers, Babcia the Polish chicken is kind of my favorite. She's been the most fun to watch as she feathers out. Polish chickens are bred to have a huge 'fro, and are one of the most fabulous in the chicken world. You might wonder where this name came from. "Babcia" in Polish means "Grandmother," which is what my daughters call my mom. My mom, bless her heart, I love her so, but the 'fro on Polish chickens reminds me of my mom on a bad hair day.

Most of the time when you buy chicks from your local Co Op or farm store they come "sexed," meaning you have about a 90% chance of knowing that the chicks you've selected are girls. Some breeds (specialty, mostly) come "straight run," meaning they were not sexed and you have a 50/50 chance of pullet vs roo. Babcia came as a straight run and I go between wondering if she is a girl or a boy. I am really hoping she's a girl. I also got my four black copper marans from a friend who breeds them as straight run and so far I think I've found that two out of the four are roos. It's still too early to tell at 4 weeks, but there are sometimes indicators (comb size, usually) that may indicate boys. My guess is that #1 and #4 are boys.

And that's pretty much where we are at! To answer the elephant in the room - yes, the turkeys are for us to eat. My husband will be butchering them sometime between September and November, depending on their size. It's not an aspect that I look forward to with excitement, but having the personal satisfaction of growing our own meat, giving the turkey a good life and an honorable death will be a part of our life here on our new "farm."


  1. I think I need a Polish chicken now!

  2. My husband wants to raise doves, and I want to raise chickens. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that you talk about raising animals for meat. I think people underestimate how much farmers care for the animals welfare in both life and death.

  4. They are really growing and beautiful. Would love to try doing this myself

  5. Oh my gosh. LOVE all the fluffiness! Chickens: the other fluff.

  6. Chicks are just so adorable, and I wish we could raise some!

  7. Thanks for sharing, this sounds like so much fun! My mom got 4 chickens a few years back for eggs, so she got them sexed, but 2 were roos anyway. ;)

  8. Omgosh Babcia is my favorite too!! That mowhawk is amazing!!! They are all getting so big!!

  9. Oh my gosh! Those ones look like Cruella DeVille! And I thought our Silkies were fabulous! ha ha

  10. 'Merica is so so adorable, lol! I am glad you were able to settle down in your dream home in THE perfect location to raise your little peeps.

  11. so cute, wife vetos me on pet chickens since our labrottie likes to annoy any animals it can

  12. What cute little babies! These are adorable!

  13. Sounds amazing we are moving to maime this year and I'm hoping same thing.



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