Friday, September 30, 2016

Just Between Friends of Marysville / Mount Vernon Fall 2016 consignment sale haul!

Remember when I told you that the Just Between Friends of Marysville / Mount Vernon was coming to Skagit County? It's here! I am giving you a sneak-peek of what you can find at the sale, right here on The Pierogie Mama.

I love finding treasures at these consignment sales. Did you read the original American Girl series when you were a child? Kirsten and Molly were two of my favorites and I happened to find an almost complete paperback set of Kirsten and the full set of Molly in hardback. I was sad when I learned that my own collection wasn't saved, so finding these books is the start of regaining it for my own daughters. I have a 9 year old niece that has her own American Girl doll and has started reading the books, so I excitedly got these for her to put under the Christmas tree and they will get passed back to my girls when they are of age. But I'm also going to readily admit that I first thought of myself - I want to re-read them too!

At this sale I bought something that I haven't bought at a JBF sale before; and honestly was never sure if I would buy used. I found a Britax Frontier-85, a combination of a 5 point to booster seat with 4 years left on it until expiration. Buying used car seats is a tricky deal. Recalls, possible accidents and overall care of the car seat are difficult to keep track of when you are buying a used seat through a craigslist meet up or a facebook group. But why was I comfortable buying one from a Just Between Friends sale? Each JBF sale has a recall and car seat specialist on staff and when a car seat is brought in by a consignor it is inspected before it is accepted and put on the sale floor. I also educated myself on what to look for when buying a used car seat. I had the opportunity to actually talk with the consignor who brought it in, because I was volunteering during drop-off (more details at the bottom). Ultimately, buying a used car seat is not for everyone and is a tricky process, but for me all of my requirements lined up so I was comfortable buying it. And it was $65! I saved 75% off retail!

We stocked up on the typical Fall and Winter essentials in 3T and 5T. These long sleeve pajamas were $2-4 per set.

Frozen is still going strong in this house of little girls. My 4 year old spied this one from a mile away - and yes, I obliged.

So all in all - here was my total haul.

Including the car seat, my final price was $156.78. Retail would have been $567! 73% off retail! If I removed the $65 car seat, each of the clothing and book items was $3.65 each.

Just Between Friends of Marysville / Mount Vernon is going on September 30 - October 2, 2016 at the Skagit County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon, WA. If you want to see what other great deals there are, definitely don't miss it!

Friday 9/30:
9am-8pm - $2 at the door, waived by preregistering for a free admission pass.

Saturday 10/1:
9am - 5pm - FREE admission
5:30pm - 7pm - $5 Half/ Price Presale, tickets need to be purchased in advance.
Consignors have the option to reduce their items to 50% off on the tail end of the sale. Look for tags that do not have a star and that item will be 50% off! 

Sunday 10/2: Half price day!
8am - 1pm - FREE admission, all items without a star on the tag will be 50% off. 

What did you find at this JBF sale?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Just Between Friends of Marysville / Mount Vernon. 
All opinions and photography are my own.


  1. this awesome, wish we had this type f thing here

  2. My goodness, what fabulous finds! And everything looks so clean and organized! That is one of the reasons I avoid some particular thrift stores - I just can't handle the mess!

  3. They have these near me too and honestly I rarely find anything worth buying at them. :(

  4. WOW!! They had so much great stuff!! You really saved a ton!! I will have to check out the one local to me!!

  5. Looks like you got some nice stuff. Unfortunately there aren't really any consignment shops where I live.

  6. GREAT finds! I'm so glad you were posting about this sale last year, too. It's thanks to you that I looked for my local JBF sale, and already knew their tag system when I got there. It looks like yours is organized better than mine, but I was still happy with our "haul" despite the 1 hour drive to get there!

  7. Whoa!! What an awesome haul!! Yours looks so amazing!! Mine is never this stocked full of awesome!!



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