Monday, September 12, 2016

4 Tips for Shopping at Just Between Friends + JBF Marysville - Mount Vernon Giveaway!

Friends, you know I love Just Between Friends sales, and I am so lucky that I live so close to two of the best sales in Washington State! JBF Marysville-Mount Vernon is only a short skip and a hop from our new home and I am getting into my game mode. I'm tagging my items for consignment and writing up a list of what I'll need for my two daughters to last us through the next round of JBF sales (usually in the Spring). 

JBF Marysville-Mount Vernon is still new to Skagit Valley, so many of you might be new to what JBF is and what to expect. Let me clue you in on a few of my JBF shopping tips!

1.  Beeline to the items on your list that aren't clothes first. You can find strollers, toys, shoes and all sorts of gear at JBF in addition to clothes. Those "hot seller" items go fast, so I make sure I sort through those first. Clothes will always be there, but that double B.O.B. stroller or super marked down Ergo babywearing carrier probably won't be!

2. Like I mentioned before, start compiling a list ahead of time on what you're looking for. Think about the sizes and toys you'll need for the next 6 months or so, what kind of gear or helpful things you'd like to have. This upcoming sale is the "fall" sale, so be on the look out for cold weather and holiday items! That means think ahead for gifts too! 

3. Bring help! It's always more fun to shop with friends, right? This way you get a second pair of eyes on what is cute, extra hands with kiddos, or simply a budget enforcer. Depending on the age of your child, they may be a help or a distraction while trying to shop. I remember the first JBF sale that I went to after Ruby, my second child was born. Penny was 2 years old and Ruby was 2 weeks old. I wore Ruby in my NuRoo shirt and Penny hung out in the stroller.  It was kind of cool because that was Penny's first shopping experience where she started to express what kinds of outfits she'd like, but also harder because I was trying to squeeze a stroller into some tight spaces and also eventually had a toddler and baby melt down. Now that my kids are older, I will probably have them hang out with Grandma and Grandpa for my main shopping session, but I will probably bring them back for 1/2 off day and let them pick out some clothes too!

If you are bringing your children, don't fret! Pikachu is visiting JBF Marysville-Mount Vernon this time!

4. Have an idea of what the item is worth, and if it's a good deal or not. I write this as a note on my shopping list. I see something unexpected at the sale, I pull out my celly and do a quick google search to see what retail price is. I've snagged quite a few really good deals this way - 2 unopened bottles of BabyGanics sunscreen fro $5, new cases of Country Save detergent, and a wooden balance bike for over half off retail! The consignors try to keep prices competitive and you should expect at least 50% off retail at these sales, but sometimes the deal is not as good as you may think it is.

Have I gotten you pumped up for this sale yet?? It gets better! Just Between Friends of Marysville-Mount Vernon has partnered with The Pierogie Mama to get you some awesome prizes!

Just Between Friends of Marysville-Mount Vernon Fall 2016 Sale
September 29 - October 2

Skagit County Fairgrounds

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Just Between Friends of Marysville - Mount Vernon. 

All opinions are my own. Please see giveaway rules for complete details.  Some design work was created through FreePik.


  1. It looks like this was a really cool event. Thanks for the information!

  2. Great tip on going for the non clothes items first!

  3. The JBF instagram link is broken.



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