Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

This weekend we were in Washougal and Penelope and I got to participate in a bona fide Guinness World Record attempt (this is actually the second one I've participated in the past year- the other one was for work).

In honor of Earth Day, many cloth diapering and other ecological/natural baby companies took part in specials and extra blog posts this week advocating awareness and sustainability. The culmination of this week was The Great Cloth Diaper Change, which is the second annual attempt at breaking the world record of greatest number of babies changed into cloth diapers at a given time (9:30a PST).  Last year the record was 5,026 babies changed into cloth, this year the goal was 6,000. Stay tuned to see if the goal was met!

Participants must register ahead of time, have child under 39 inches to change and it must be done at a registered venue. One other stipulation is that the cloth diaper must be all cloth, and not a hybrid- something I'll touch on in a sec. The closest venue to us was at the Vancouver Cotton Babies location, which just so happens to be my favorite baby store :)

As we arrived we received a raffle ticket for some fabulous prizes after the event. We also met up with my good friend Gretchen and her not-so-little-anymore girl, Jemma. We ended up winning a Bum Genius from the raffle - score! One funny thing about the diaper change as the stipulation for an "all cloth" / non-hybrid diaper.

Currently Lil P is in a hybrid system while we wait for our package with prefolds from Amazon to arrive..  Hybrid meaning it's not 100% cloth, not 100% disposable- it's kind of in between. What we are using temporarily are flushable liners from Gdiapers that were gifted to us by another mama that didn't end up using hers. The cover is reusable and washable cloth, but the part that gets pooped on is a biodegradable and flushable liner- looks like a pad.  So by definition these didn't qualify as a diaper to change her into for the Guinness attempt. The only other all cloth dipe that I have are BumGenius, which are still way too big on her which is why I don't use them yet. But, it had to be done- so here's Penny in her first BumGenius ;)

As you can see, we've still got some growing to do before these fit!

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging in the sun and meeting with our realtor to list the house.
Enjoying some sun at The T-ton Teardown


  1. We'll have to find a place to go next year too! Jem is in love with P's announcement - she carries it all around the house kissing her and saying "bay, bay" :)

  2. She's adorable! We use G diapers. Started when my son was about 5 months old. He's now 2 years and we are working on potty training.



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