Friday, February 1, 2013

Inspiration: Penelope's First Birthday

With Penelope's first birthday right around the corner, it's time for this day dreaming Mama to get her ideas on paper (the screen?) and do some real planning.

Aren't themed parties the funnest? I'm going to have to take advantage of getting to choose the themes for her birthdays while I can.

Giraffes have been Penny's theme since her baby showers. I was totally into giraffes before Carters jumped on the zoo animal bandwagon half way through my pregnancy, which on one hand made me feel so unoriginal but then on the other hand, so many cute giraffe clothes started popping up :)

And I've had my eye on this giraffe from Melissa and Doug for quite a while too!

Do you have themed birthday parties for your kids? What has been the most unique theme? My two recent favorites:  
That Mama Gretchen's "Everyone loves an Italian Girl"
and sweet Mia's Southern Tea Party-
complete with heirloom teacups and meatloaf muffins!

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  1. We did a Candy Land theme for my daughter's first birthday that was a blast to put together! Her second birthday we did a monkey theme and her third a dragon birthday. :) This year we are taking her out of town for the night to stay in a medieval themed hotel room and then go to Medieval Times. She's turning 4. She's pretty excited!



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