Thursday, February 21, 2013

11.5 months

What is up with me forgetting to commemorate Penny's monthly milestones?? You can bet that I won't forget the big one in less than two weeks..

So here's a quick catch up of what's been going on in the last 6 weeks:

  • Faves: scrambled eggs with Feta, pears, Happy Family pouches
  • Not so faves: oatmeal, acorn squash, green beans
 New skills:
  • Uhm, WALKING! Although she took her first steps right after Christmas, we now have a 100% walking toddler. 
  • Loves to carry things around, like her (my) stuffed kitty or packages of Ramen (?)
  • Tries to play ball with Squirt! It is the sweetest thing! Or she'll just try to stick it straight in his mouth.
  • Standing on top of things, crawling up and down the stairs
  • Loves, loves, loves books. She'll turn the pages and "read out loud" to us too. 
  • Kisses her baby doll and other toys.
  • At the end of January her top two teeth popped through
  • On Monday her right lateral incisor made its debut
  • Currently working on getting the left one out, which seems to be a lot harder than the other one. Lots of snot and very little sleep for mama and baby :(

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